Off to the airport

Solo adventure numero 2

Firstly I want to apologise for my lack of posts in September. I ended up with a pretty painful injury after celebrating my birthday night out with some friends. And sadly the painkillers affected my ability to write anything that made sense.

I had fears of having to cancel my trip but thankfully my mobility has improved, compared to 4 weeks ago. So I decided to continue on my second solo adventure as planned.

The only disappointing factor is that this set back has caused me to lose some of the little muscle strength I had built up but nothing that I can’t fix with a bit of effort and time.

The only issue I had was when I was finally in a position to get holiday prepare, I had very little time to do so. And the other issue was trying to find a bikini at the end of September, as the shops had just brought in winter stock.

To say I was underprepared would be an understatement! I’ve never physically run out of time before, usually I am packed 2 weeks in advance or close to. This time, I had to paint my toenails on arrival.

I did however, finish, edit and upload; The Big Blue (part 2). I also edited and uploaded Sunsets and storms. And lastly, edited all screenshots and uploaded; Trust your instincts*

*Where I met a complete a-hole online via Internet dating. Who seemed to treat our conversation as a ‘I’ll play games and prove to you that you’re only talking to me because I manipulated you to do so’.

I know I should’ve blocked him but a friend suggested that I gave him a chance incase there was perhaps a language barrier however I soon found out that wasn’t the case and he seemed to treat me like a little project. Anyways enough about him, I’ve already dedicated a whole blog to him.

Saturday, going into Sunday morning with a few hours left til taxi booked to take me to the airport at 4am. I decided to check everything was okay, before going for a snooze.

I quickly packed my hand luggage and then after spending over an hour, packing and repacking my case, I was finally happy with it and all that was left was adding my makeup after I got dressed.

I decided to then weigh my case to check it wasn’t over allowance and to my horror it said 21kg. In a state of panic, I checked legislation which said I had a 20kg luggage allowance.

What I did not realise was in fact it was actually 12kg but due to my lack of sleep and being stressed, I had read it upside down. Now I only wish I’d spotted my error sooner and not after I had repacked, depotted products and removed items out of case.

After case was finally packed one last time it was 2.30am and I was meant to wake up at 3am to get ready for taxi, so I decided a 15 minute sleep wasn’t going to be worth it. Instead I cleaned bathroom/kitchen and made flat look a little more presentable and before I knew it, taxi was outside waiting to take me to the airport.

Until next time….

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