Sunsets and storms

One of my new favourite things after being stuck in an office all day is; walking out the doors and feeling the heat, the breeze, the rain and enjoying that moment! I love being able to look up at the sky, the clouds and the sun as it starts to disappear for the day.

And it would seem I am not exaggerating as I have taken many a photograph and the theme is definitely to do with the weather. I prefer a storm cloud or two or the sun setting behind the buildings, as it starts to get dark. Unfortunately, coming to the end of August, I was only able to capture the skies going dark, as I wouldn’t make it out of the office in time.

As I make my way home for the evening, definitely looking a little strange. I am ready and waiting; sitting on the right hand side of the carriage, by the window, mobile in hand. I wait patiently and excitedly as the train pulls out of Glasgow Central station and moves over the bridge, the River Clyde. And at this particular moment, I can see how beautiful the sunset is that evening and take a photograph, or five!

Perhaps, I should jump right in and show you exactly what I’m talking about. I think this all started on my journey to C’an Pastilla; as the clouds were so pretty and I’ve continued to photograph ever since.


12th August

17th August

18th August

24th August

25th August

26th August

26th/30th August

Until next time…

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