The Big Blue (part 2)

Following on from: Palma Aquarium (part 1)

After our refreshing slush puppies, we made our way towards the Amazon Rainforest; lots of plants, trees, waterfalls, amphibians and insects, it was amazing! Very humid and the ground felt quite wet and bouncy. It is pretty  difficult to explain but I would definitely recommend. Apparently it is the largest roof garden in Europe; so a bargain to have access to it, as well as the aquarium.

Following on from the waterfall at the end of the jungle, we found a number of outdoor plants and trees. Scattered around these were turtles, pond fish and a children’s play area. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realise just how big this place was. En route to the big blue they had stingrays in a separate open tank and also hammerhead sharks in an other. I do feel that these weren’t as well situated nor well kept, compared to surrounding attractions.

Sadly we could only view the hammerhead shark tank from above, as they were featured below us, as we were walking over the footpath/bridge. Unfortunately, many of the hammerhead sharks rarely moved and were in direct sunlight, besides of course access to underwater. I am not in any way stating that they are cruelly kept, however it would have been nice to have seen them in a larger, deeper tank and perhaps socialised better (if possible). I may be a hypocrite in saying that I love aquariums but I also have hopes that the fish aren’t too badly affected, and in most cases, tanks were large enough for the species of animal contained.

I have never been lost for words, but as we started to walk into the Big Blue attraction, I have never felt so excited and nervous at the same time. Perhaps the nerves are down to watching many a shark film, where the tanks crack and people drown. As you walk down the tunnel, you have no idea what is waiting for you at the bottom. If I had it my way – I would still be sitting in the viewing area, I never wanted to leave!

The tank is full of sand tiger sharks, rays and multitude of other fish. I don’t want to ruin it too much so I will include some pictures now but to give you an idea of the size; the tank is the deepest in Europe at 33 metres long, 25 metres wide and 8.5 metres deep – it’s massive! Unfortunately, my photos don’t do it justice, that’s what I get for taking it on a low quality camera!


As we were leaving and we made our way through the gift shop, Pierre bought his son a gift and sweetly, purchased me a shark souvenir, which he gave to me outside! By the time we left the aquarium we were both pretty hungry and tired. We made our way to Mercadona, I picked myself up some more perfume and makeup and a tasty treat. We smartly took a taxi back to the hotel and then headed to the pool for some rays.

We decided on having dinner at the hotel and then going to the hotel entertainment; usually it was in French but I knew I would get by and the magician was actually pretty good. We spent some time walking along the shore like we had done every other night, hand in hand and then agreed to meet for breakfast one last time before I left.

Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, we had become really close in a short period of time but made plans to meet in a few months time…as holiday romances go, that time didn’t come but I don’t think my holiday in C’an Pastilla would have been the same, without Pierre and I sharing it together.

Until next time…


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