Palma Aquarium (part 1)

Following on from: Reggaeton and romance

I didn’t want to finish these blogs but now with another trip planned, I feel it’s time…

My body is really struggling with these late nights and early mornings. This morning’s plan was a total fail. I was meant to be up, made a start on my case and ready to leave right after breakfast to jump on the next available bus to Mercadona. (Palma city) As I needed to stock up on some perfume and makeup, as I am going home tomorrow. Initially the plan on this holiday was to visit Palma city but after the mess up of hotels, I just didn’t have time. Plus I wanted to spend some more time getting to know Pierre.

Pierre and I headed down for breakfast and I didn’t even have time to put my makeup on. Thing is if I thought I was very hungover yesterday, I have no idea how to explain how I’m feeling this morning. I managed a slice of watermelon and some water and very little conversation. Pierre asked what I had planned for today. I said that I would still like to go to Mercadona if possible and sunbathe.

He mentioned that he was just about to purchase some excursions for the remainder of his holiday and wanted to know if I wanted to tag along with him to the Aquarium today. Of course, I said yes! If you don’t already know I’m a massive shark fan and remember reading some of the reviews about the Aquarium when looking at things to do in and around C’an Pastilla.

We decided to walk the short distance to the Aquarium, although what we didn’t realise is we had only ever seen it in the taxi en route to the reggaeton bar. Being half cut and in a taxi it definitely felt way closer than it actually was, I was blooming grateful when we finally got there – one hour and 30 mins later.  We had managed to time it perfectly, to the point that we were walking in the sweltering heat at noon and most of the walk was in the direct sunlight.

The entrance didn’t look that good and I was a little worried, how good this was going to be but I had nothing to worry about. There were lots of little fish and each tank was pretty big. I also loved that they offered fish/tank information in a number of languages, so we could both understand what was in each tank. Embarrassingly, I also learnt that tuna are a lot bigger than I anticipated, as I have only seen them as steaks or in tins never in full life form. I had actually managed to walk round the whole Tuna exhibition before realising what it was actually about – oops.



We decided on a cold drink, as I was parched from the long walk here – I’ve never been one to have a slush puppy and couldn’t decide what flavour to have. So the woman offered to mix lemon and strawberry – I do not recommend…very sour! But did do the job and cooled me down. We sat for a little while and then planned where we were going next, he had heard that there was a jungle here and it was meant to be really good.

Until next time…


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