Today I decided I wanted to become a tourist in my own city, and do things that I wouldn’t usually do. I also decided for the second day in a row not to plan ahead and be more spontaneous. The only research I did, was working out which attraction was closest to the train station, so that I could go to the nearest attraction first.

Disappointingly, I arrived into Glasgow city centre at 1.15pm; as I woke up three hours later than planned. I had initially hoped that I would have got all the touristy things out the way, spent some time in New Look and by now, eating my lunch in the sunshine at George square. But instead I was just walking out into a very busy city centre, feeling quite anxious about the time lost and uncertain whether to give it a miss. However, I decided I had to try new things and made my way to the first attraction, that I had never heard of until a few weeks prior.

The Lighthouse was well hidden down a pretty, cobbled street and easily missed. Funnily enough, it was near a pub I used to go to as a student and I had no clue this place existed. As I walked into the building, I noticed the escalators were broken and I was just about ready to turn around and walk out. But instead decided to ask the receptionist just incase and he was more than helpful, handed me a brochure and pointed to the lift that I could use instead.

Now as I didn’t have a plan of action, I was unsure where to go first. One thing I did notice right away was how humid/hot it felt inside. Following a long wait of around 8-10 mins for the lift to come down to the ground floor; I overheard a couple agree to start at the top floor and then work their way down, I decided to do the same.

I have to say standing on the viewing platform, it was lovely to be able to see a very different side of Glasgow.


I worked my way down the floors and had a nosy at the Glasgow Interior and Peripheral Histories exhibitions. I kept the best til last! The one I was most excited about; Adventures in space, which I had noticed whilst looking through the brochure. I have always loved everything space related and thoroughly enjoy re-learning about planets, black holes, stars etc. As you can perhaps tell; I was really looking forward to it!

I would have loved to have seen my face as I walked around the gallery; the main focus was the history of architecture in sci-fi books, movies, TV and comics. If I had been interested in science fiction, I am sure I would have loved all the little facts etc. However, as it was absolutely nothing to do with my interpretation of space, I’m unsure if I was able to hide my disappointment! I would still recommend as it was very informative, free entry and another attraction ticked off my list.

I then made my way towards the Gallery of Modern Art, somewhere I have never found the time to visit. This is surprising to me as I have been to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Scotland Street School Museum, the Transport Museum (which has now closed and been replaced with) the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel, a number of times.

By the time I got to GOMA, I was regretting the decision of wearing black super skinny jeans; as I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and to the point of feeling dizzy. I hoped getting into the gallery and out of the heat would do me some good. I took the glass lift up to the top floor but after a few minutes of walking around the gallery, I decided I had to leave and go get food/water as I was starting to feel shaky.

I went back into the lift and waited for it to move but it didn’t. I pressed the door open button and nothing happened. Other floor numbers and they didn’t light up, I pressed the alarm and it didn’t make a noise. By this point, I was starting to panic and what made it worse was the people outside were able to see me panic, which made me more on edge.

I waited a good 20-30 minutes not knowing what to do and on the verge of tears when finally an engineer came up and let me out, I was grateful! However, then the realisation hit me that I would have to find the strength to walk all the way back down the stairs. By the time I got to the ground floor, I was in agony. I used whatever energy I had left to walk myself back to the train station, bought a meal deal and travelled back home on the train – a quivering mess!!

Until next time….

Note to self: Always listen to your gut and check the weather forecast!


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