Reggaeton and romance

Following on from: What a night!

Getting up for breakfast was a struggle this morning, I couldn’t cope with the lack of sleep or smell of food – I just remember feeling super dehydrated. After breakfast, I decided to go a walk to the local Spar; it’s not like me to shop in a British shop abroad however I was terribly hungover and knew of one thing that would give me the energy I needed; Rebull and water, plus my trusty hangover cure – Irn Bru!

After a shaky return to the room, practically dragging the bags along the ground to the hotel. I managed to force a few magdalenas (cakes) for a wee boost, took my painkillers and then went a further walk around the shore. I had planned to spend most of today sunbathing however the sun had other plans.

Not soon after I returned from my walk, *Pierre and I went out on a treasure hunt to find somewhere that sold a French bandera (flag) for the France v Republic of Ireland match. Not long after lunch and a skype call with mis padres we headed on down to The Manchester bar which seems to be our go-to-place and ended up sharing a table with 3 French guys from our hotel, *Pierre and a random older French man. I had no clue what they were saying but *Pierre kept checking if I was okay, which I thought was pretty sweet.

After the match, where France won and everyone was in high spirits, I decided to try and sunbathe for a bit, as the sun had peeked out from behind the clouds. By the time, I went upstairs I chilled a little before getting ready for dinner. Apparently, *Pierre was downstairs playing darts or something and winning pints so by the time I came down for dinner, he was half cut and hadn’t exactly made it up to the room to get changed. Dinner -I had soup, bread and some lettuce – woohoo!! This may explain why I’m struggling to remember much about the evening; especially after consuming a few baileys right after dinner!

I do recall us agreeing to not have a big night but by the time I got to The Manchester bar, played a couple of games of pool and had my new favourite home-made Blue WKD split into 2 glasses, as I’m a wimp with double measures! Next the owner had offered us free shots and it wasn’t long until I had persuaded him to tag along to the reggaeton bar (again!!) However, whilst waiting outside for the taxi and the fresh air hit, it dawned on me just how tipsy I already was and that I may not last the night!

The bar guys remembered us from the night before and played some French songs for my wee friend and I found some new favourite reggaeton songs. They also treated us to a couple of free shots but I can just remember feeling very tired and leaving earlier than planned because I had very sore feet and was walking sidewards a little lol.We took a detour along the beach again, where we spent some time chatting and listening to music, it was so romantic, even if it had gone past 3am!

The plan of action for tomorrow, early rise, breakfast and bus ride; if I make it!

Until next time…

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