Moving to paradise

Follow on from: Hotel Música

By 11am, I was finally able to vacate Hotel Musica and shared a taxi with two very friendly Spanish women back to Hotel Calma. They were in the same position and had been moved to Hotel Musica the night before and also had very little sleep.

We had a lovely conversation with the taxi driver and thankfully I felt a lot more confident to speak Spanish which helped. I was a bit nervous when re-entering the hotel, as I was led to believe that I would have to wait again until 2pm for the room, it was currently 11am. Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about, as the minute I walked up to the reception, they had my room ready and was given key to room straight away. I was actually really happy they did this, as the last thing I wanted to do was wait around to unpack and finally start my holiday.

The room did not disappoint and the shower looked amazing! *photos below* Definitely, an upgrade to be happy with! I finally unpacked my case and set up the safe which I was able to use for free – with instructions provided in English from reception. I finally felt that I could relax and start to enjoy my holiday, finally!! Whilst checking-in, I recall reading information regarding Billiards – I’m almost certain that meant pool!?!?

Evidently, the first thing I did was get a plastic cup of water – All inclusive, at it’s best!! I also managed to get change and headed straight for the pool table. Not going to lie, I was super excited, even though I would be playing by myself lol, at least I wouldn’t lose! As I started to set up; it dawned on me that I was missing 2 balls and a white* :( Not ideal! I spoke with the bar man who managed to find 2 other balls from a previous table and a smaller white, I had to make do!

Whilst playing pool, an attractive guy in a hat caught my eye. He was perched at the end of the bar having a beer. He looked over and eventually walked over in my direction. I asked where he was from and he said France, I asked if he spoke Spanish which he said no and he also didn’t speak a lot of English. I didn’t let that stop me and I asked if he wanted to play pool with hand gestures and I think he knew what I meant. I am a pretty competitive person and use a lot of sarcasm which I found a little difficult with a language barrier, in fact, it’s probably a good thing otherwise I’d probably have scared him off.

After two games we decided to go have a drink at the bar. Here, I tried to conversate but was getting nowhere. Poor soul not only had to try and understand English but had to understand a Scottish person speaking it, he had no chance! That’s when smartypants – me – decided to load up google translator with the wifi connection at the bar.

We had a wee chat which was lovely and this is when we both determined that we were travelling alone, at this stage, he asked if I wanted to go for lunch, which I agreed to. Sadly, I didn’t realise that there was no wifi connection at the restaurant and things were going to become a little harder than we both anticipated. There were lots of smiles and silences but we had no other option but to sit quietly until we got near to wifi again where we could communicate lol.

After lunch and back at the bar, he asked if I had any other plans for the day, which I replied ‘Non!’ and this is when my solo trip became a duo with a difference..

Until next time….


Pool table with a difference


Upgraded Bedroom


Upgraded Bathroom

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