Hotel Música

Follow on from: C’an Pastilla

Have you ever judged a book by it’s cover? I’ll hold my hands up, I’m guilty. The hotel that I have been moved to for one night, has totally taken me out of my comfort zone.

It reminds me of when I previously went to Magaluf, I didn’t feel so paranoid but that was due to being with my big manly ex, obviously that’s not the case now I’m on my own. So for all that I want to go out for a drink, I’m not 100% sure how safe I’d feel.

Unfortunately, the hotel is full with 18-22 year olds from a sports club. Although, I’ve seen children behave better. Who punches and kicks doors in until they get a reply and who screams at the top of their voice just to shout at their friend at the other end of the corridor.

I did find it a bit intimidating especially being on my own and a large group of them but I think that comes from the stick I used to get when at school and also doesn’t help that some rude Spanish girl spat on the ground and said something offensive, right after I walked in to hotel entrance, slightly intimidating.

I do have two friendly faces that I know a couple from Germany (I think!) Unfortunately, they don’t speak English, so there’s a lot of hand gestures going on but they seem lovely.

I feel like this hotel move has ruined my holiday slightly, as I had planned to get to know C’an pastilla today and spend the full day in Palma tomorrow, now I’m not sure, as I would be forced to carry my passport and cash with me in to the big city which may make me a bigger target.

I complained at reception but I can appreciate it is not their fault that my hotel was full. Their way of dealing with the situation was to tell me to get drunk, and I tried. But waking up after a sleepless night and hungover was not ideal.

I also missed breakfast which was ideal, not! So I was forced to go to shop and buy some magdalenas (which I love!!) and a bottle of water so that I could take my painkillers. Because trust me withdrawals in this heat is not recommended!!

Thankfully, I was leaving this hotel after one night, not sure how I’d have felt if I was there for my whole holiday. It is good for night life but that is it really. More like a base and if you love to party and not sleep, it’s your ideal location!

Until next time…


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