C’an Pastilla

Today is the start of my first solo adventure to Palma and I’m not going to lie, I am a little wary but thankfully I’ve researched the area that I am going to and have google mapped the places I would like to travel to.

The flight was okay, I had a woman and two babies besides me and presumed that they would be noisy. Yet, in fact I managed to get 2 hours of broken sleep, thanks to the lovely lads on their stag do. I’ll give them their due they weren’t as loud as they could have been and thankfully I made up some of my missed sleep.

Flight ended with some lovely views of Mallorca’s coast line* and with a bump we had landed. Plus only 20 minutes behind schedule which was good going considering, the knock on affects of the air traffic control strikes from the day before.

I managed to find my luggage quite quickly and before you knew it, I was waiting outside the airport waiting on the number 21 bus to C’an Pastilla. The bus turned up quite swiftly and within 10 minutes, I was walking up to the entrance of the hotel.

I decided to continue making an effort and I explained that I have a reservation in Spanish (well perhaps more broken Spanish) but it’s the thought that counts. They seemed to be very friendly but you always know when it takes longer than expected that there’s something wrong. What bothers me is that I had sent an email 2 weeks previous to try to discuss my booking, to no avail.

Now the manageress has come over to apologise but there are no rooms for tonight and they will have to arrange a taxi to take me to their sister hotel approx 8 kms away – I would accept this if I had only booked it last week but I’d booked it in April..

They did however explain that they would cover the taxi to the new hotel and back and would also upgrade me to all inclusive and have my safe and air conditioning for free. Plus when I return to the original hotel tomorrow, I will be upgraded to a superior room – couldn’t exactly complain!

The only thing that I’m not happy with is that I’m in a clubbing resort and this is not part of the plan, as I had hoped for somewhere a little quieter with the option to go out if I wanted to, especially as I am travelling by myself.

I’ve made it to the new hotel and luckily, my room was available. The room is definitely a lot more run down than what I paid for, but for one night; it couldn’t be that bad?? Once I’d set up the safe and changed in to something a little more weather appropriate. I decided to take a wee wander out to a wee chiringitos* that the receptionist recommended, which is in a secluded beach and the barman then recommended that I go a wee walk along the rocks to get some better photos – will do so tomorrow, if I’ve got time and when I have my trainers on, of course.

I also have a very bad craving for chips so going to see if I can find somewhere to fulfill that need. I managed to wander by a very tanned, muscly man with blue eyes who coaxed me in to an expensive restaurant. Which was silly as I only had pan con alioli y patatas fritas cost me 10€ – raging!!

Had a wee wander via la farmacia where I bought some ibulieve gel, as clearly not getting on very well with heat pads in this temperature.

And had a wee cheeky malibu before getting ready for tonight.

Until next time…


Coastline of Mallorca




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