What is the world coming to?

It’s scary that people aren’t even safe to go out to a club at night or a concert without the concerns if they will return home safely. I think we’re going to have to spend more money having metal detectors at events/venues or security at big sporting events.

For all that we shouldn’t need to, it seems like it may now be a necessity. Otherwise if we don’t put these safety measures in place, we’re making it easier for them.

We shouldn’t have to pray that we make it home safely; from the offset we should feel safe enough to leave our homes, not worry ‘what if…!!’

We need to think more clearly! At present there has been so many terrorist attacks or gun attacks and clearly what is in place at the moment isn’t working!

For once I am happy to live in the U.K. for all that we have a big decision lingering over us regarding if we should leave/remain in the EU; we feel relatively safe.

In my research, we have had the Hungerford Massacre with 17 fatalities in 1987. Also not to forget Dunblane in 1996; a school shooting, with 18 fatalities. And lastly, Cumbria shootings in 2010, with 12 fatalities.

That’s 3 mass shootings over 23 years, in comparison to over 100 mass shootings in the USA within the last 6 months, not including individual/gang shootings.

To think that we live in a first world country, is just scary! I feel like we need to try something new – now I’m not here to discuss the pros and cons of gun laws, technically I can’t comment as maybe I’d feel differently if I lived in a country where I didn’t feel safe.

The only thing I can say is that we can walk freely within our streets – the only fears we share are regarding the acts of terrorism!

Ideally, I’d just like a safe environment in which I can welcome children in to the world and not fear for their lives every day, especially when it would be at the hands of these murderers, who clearly don’t have a care in the world!

What infuriates me is that some are blaming muslims for the act of one particular twisted individual but has any one else taken in to consideration that there are a number of different religions who don’t agree with homosexuality not just this one in particular? Am I the only one who has taken this in to consideration?!?

Next people will worry about being attacked because we openly eat pork – talk about scaremongery!!

But seriously why do we live in a world where people show hate and not support for the LGBT community?? I read in an article that some still fear from being sacked, if they are found to not be heterosexual. Why? What about human rights?!?

Also was saddened when I seen reports about a young female singer, Christina who was tragically killed in cold blood by an enstranged fan, at a signing/meet and greet, after her concert. Isn’t this providing proof that guns need to be harder to obtain?? Her death could have been prevented!

We need to stand as one and fight back as one!

Until next time..


One thought on “What is the world coming to?

  1. Quite honestly, I don’t care if someone is romantically affiliated with a person of the same sex. Mainly due to the fact that it is really none of my business nor does it affect me directly.


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