Family Time

I woke up with excitement, I knew very little about the plan besides brunch was at 11 and we were meeting in a local pub/restaurant. And that one of my brothers would be picking me up from the hotel. I woke up at 8.30am, (this was the start of my early rises) took a shower and tried to work out what to wear.

I had planned an outfit in advance but changed my mind at the last minute and decided on my favourite top, jeans and boots. I should also mention I had to put on at least 10 plasters on my feet due to the amount of blisters I collected from my travels yesterday, ouch!

My big brother (J) messaged me to say he would be picking me up shortly, I was downstairs super early so not to keep them waiting, especially with my nephew in the car. It was lovely to catch up with them en route. Brunch was also amazing and it was lovely to meet 3 of my neices and my little nephew for the first time, plus my other neice who is now at school, scary how quickly they grow up.

It just made me realise that I can’t wait as long as I did to see everyone and need to make sure I stay in contact! Following brunch, I was invited around to my other brothers (A) house for dinner and to catch up and spend time with the girls. My big brother (K) dropped me off and it was lovely to have some one on one time with him, as it had been a while since we had last spoke.

Dinner was delicious; sticky chicken, noodles and veg – I even asked for the recipe, although doubt I’ll get it to taste so good! It was lovely to spend time catching up, relaxing etc. My neice read to me and wanted cuddles, even the little one seemed to feel more comfortable around me the longer we spent together. For me being called Auntie by any of my neices/nephews, always causes a flutter in my tummy, I just love it!

The next morning (J) messaged me about meeting up, he came and picked me up and we headed to his for some lunch and another wee catch up. I spent some time with his partner after he headed out to football. I then got a taxi to my sisters house, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive, as I got to see a lot of the areas that I used to hang out at or drive by on a daily basis.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned but I actually lived in Hull for a few months; not long after I met my brothers and sisters for the first time and had plans to complete my degree at Hull university. However, my hips sadly hindered those plans; when I ended up in hospital unable to walk. This was the norm for me but this particular bout of pain seemed to be way more severe and I really struggled. It got to the stage that my dad agreed to drive down from Scotland and take me home, as I just couldn’t physically do anything on my own.

Back to present day: I thoroughly enjoyed the drive, admittedly I did follow the journey via Googlemaps just to make sure the driver didn’t take advantage of my Scottish accent or lack of local knowledge but thankfully he charged me set rate! I had a wonderful time at my sisters, (A) also brought his daughter over, we had a great natter and I had a wonderful time playing with my neices in the garden. At one stage all 3 of them were shouting ‘Auntie name look at me!!’ from opposite ends of the garden, I didn’t know where to look first! We read books, danced to music and had wee chats, it was lovely to get to know the girls better.

My brother (K) came over to my sisters after work and we stayed for dinner. We had made plans to go play pool but by the time we were ready to leave, I was falling asleep and we decided to take a rain check. (K) dropped me back to the hotel and we had a wonderful chat about music and the likes and hope to meet up soon. When I made it to my room, I fell asleep before I even had a chance to get ready for bed or set my alarms for the morning, I was exhausted but had a wonderful time.

Until next time..


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