Home comforts

The first few days at my flat were definitely different. Most of my time was spent in the living room. Fortunately, I only had to wait two days until my Sky TV was installed – however I was advised that I couldn’t have a dish installed due to signal issues, so it was the dreaded communal system instead. However, I just embraced it, as Sky TV is better than no TV! The only difference is that I can’t record 2 programmes at once, nor can I watch a TV channel whilst recording on another. It just means that I have to record some things at 2 or 3am. I have however learnt my lesson, when you miss something or it clashes with another programme, I just have to admit defeat. As I don’t have access to the On Demand/Catch up TV services until my phone and broadband are activated in two weeks time.

Also my mobile phone company definitely seen me coming. Going from unlimited internet to 1gb left of my 2gb mobile data, has been a bit of a struggle. I also found that I needed to search for telephone numbers and also order some new items for flat, including a grocery order. Also mum was sending me through different links and before I knew it; I had to purchase another 2gb costing me £13.00. I however, made it stretch just and no more! I now have 0.5gb’s left until the end of the month – no pressure!

Mum and I have down well sourcing second hand/almost new furniture and we’ve found a few bargains. The first thing I bought was a Billy Bookcase from Ikea for (£18) which I had initially planned to put in my spare room but it matches my bedroom furniture better. We then sourced a brand new double bed and mattress for (£100) At the same time, they also delivered a big oak double wardrobe (£50) which I’ve decided to put in my spare bedroom for extra storage/coats.

We also picked up a headboard (£5) and the woman also offered an almost new chest of drawers for (£20) With these items, plus the items I purchased from Argos (with vouchers from work) which included new crockery, single duvet, cutlery and bathroom accessories, I was almost there. I also treated myself to a full size keyboard as I had some vouchers left over and have been contemplating for a while now.

I also purchased some boxes for my built-in wardrobe in bedroom – I couldn’t think how I was going to separate everything but I decided to store certain clothing items in the boxes instead of taking up lots of space in my chest of drawers. One storage box holds all of my scarves, another contains underwear, socks/compression stockings and my last one holds gym clothing. I also decided to store my makeup and nail polish collections in my wardrobe which means my dressing table won’t be super cluttered.

My parents thankfully sourced and bought me a 6 month old leather large 2 seater couch and chair which fits in to living room perfectly. Now all I need to source is a nest of tables, lamp, dining room table and chairs, and a desk/dressing table and chair/stool. So as you can probably imagine the flat is coming along nicely and it’s definitely starting to feel like home.

Until next time.

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