The big move

I was finally notified and accepted for the flat a few days before the big move – talk about leaving it to the last minute! I was almost all packed and had organised a few boxes with the essentials i.e. mugs, coffee, tea, water for moving day. My dad and I had arranged to pack up most of the heavy furniture on the Sunday, however I had not anticipated moving furniture in slushy, wet snow. There were a number of instances when we would lose our footing – it was a little dangerous carrying such heavy things and it was a challenge for my legs/hips walking on unstable ground. By the time, we had packed up dad’s car – it was jam packed and I was exhausted!

With dad’s car packed the previous day; it was down to my friend and I to pack up the remainder of my things and it was a doddle, in comparison!! After we had packed the car, we headed to my new letting agency to sign my lease and pick up my keys. I was taken aback by how organised they were. They handed me a folder which included my lease, my inventory with pictures of everything attached, which even showed me marks/damage that I hadn’t noticed previously. They also provided instructions on how they would like the rent paid and also advised that they would notify gas/electricity companies on my behalf. None of which I received with my previous agency.

When we arrived at the new flat I was surprised with the amount of snow/ice that was there, as there was much more compared to my old flat. It also doesn’t help that my flat is on a hill and there are stairs leading up to the building. Dad was a little concerned that mum or I could fall and hurt ourselves, plus I struggle to climb stairs on my own without attempting to carry something at the same time. So it was decided that Mum and I should remain upstairs in the flat and they would carry the heavy items up the stairs and I would be able to move items in to specific rooms. They had the cars unpacked in no time! We then decided to move the single bed from the spare bedroom in to living room so that I’d have somewhere to sleep/sit until I bought some more furniture.

Mum helped unpack kitchen items and food – the amount of cupboard space that I have is insane! (There’s still a few empty ones). Plus I had to work out where the water switch, gas and electric points were. The landlord left a homemade pamphlet which explained where everything is and how to work appliances for example the washing machine, boiler, fridge/freezer, thermostat etc. This little booklet has been a lifesaver especially with bin collection and local information, as I don’t know the area well.

For some reason when it was time for people to leave, I felt this slight sense of panic – which makes absolutely no sense as I am more than comfortable living on my own. I think it may have had a lot to do with the fact that I had no TV, phone or broadband service and I couldn’t really unpack anything until I had furniture to do so. Instead I set up my PlayStation/TV and watched a BBC TV drama called Top of the lake. One thing I was super grateful for was being able to lie on my bed, watch TV and being out of a damp smelling flat. Sadly, all the clothes that I washed/dried before moving still have a damp smell, so I am now working my way through and rewashing all my clothes, bed sheets and towels.

Until next time.







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