Staying focused

It’s been a pretty stressful week or so. Whilst flat hunting I’ve decided to move closer to my parents when looking at locations; for all that I love living near the city centre – I feel like the rent is too high for what you get. Firstly it will also be nice to be near my parents and pooches – it will make socialising easier, plus there’s also a financial benefit, I get an extra room for less than I am paying now and cheaper council tax too.

I tried to arrange viewings but sadly a lot of flats either are group viewings but not for a few more weeks or the advertisement says it’s a ground/first floor property when in fact it’s top floor which is no good.

After a few days browsing and contacting agencies, I manage to arrange my first viewing. It is a little further out by 10 minutes walk for the average person, so for me maybe 20?!. But dad showed me shortcuts to walk to places like the train station and the doctors etc. And I also love the fact that there’s a shopping centre nearby and a big gym/swimming pool to keep me busy on my days off.

For me location is everything, I chose the area I’m living in now due to the shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that were near me. However, I’ll be honest I’ve not been out to the pubs yet and that’s probably down to the fact that when I meet up with friends; we meet in town. (Glasgow City Centre) Also I didn’t think about the lack of security I would feel at night, as my bedroom is situated on a busy pavement and being at ground floor level I’ve not always felt very safe at night when I can hear people shouting, throwing things etc.

My parents and I went to the viewing and I came prepared this time, as I knew what I did and didn’t want. I remembered to check whether it was pay meters, windows were secure, extractor fan in bathroom. I checked to see how many plug sockets I have in each room, locks on door, any dampness behind furniture etc. I have to say we were pleasantly surprised it was cleaned to a very high standard, surprisingly warm considering no one currently living in there and the close is very clean and neighbours seem lovely too.

Now I know when I see a good thing and for £425 for a 2 bedroom flat, with a separate living room and kitchen and large rooms I really couldn’t say no. My parents think the kitchen and bathroom are a little dated but I can see passed that for now, as I can make it my own; plus it’s not like I’ll be spending all my time in those rooms.

I didn’t plan to apply for the flat and had planned to view others but it seemed to good to miss. I took an application and filled it in that evening. Went out for dinner with the parents and discussed what I need to buy and what will fit. I’m moving from a fully furnished to a part furnished (white goods and single bed) so I need to source a couch, table and chairs and double bed in time.

Dad handed in application the next day, whilst I was at work and then it was a waiting game. I had hoped to hear back from them promptly as I am leaving this flat on the 18th regardless and would’ve preferred to have known whether I was packing my stuff up to live at my parents for a few weeks or whether I was packing to move in to new flat, as I would’ve packed a little differently.

It’s also a little hard to stay focused when not knowing what I’m doing. I’ve found this move more stressful than usual; as I move in less than 6 days and still waiting to hear if I’ve been accepted. And at this rate, I’ll have no time to arrange my home move with Sky, notify council and set up new council tax payments. Plus notify everyone about my change of my address, as I’m working this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I have managed to pack a few boxes so far and dad’s coming over to pick them up every few days to make moving day a little easier and a little less stressful. I haven’t felt so relieved to be leaving a flat before but this place is just a health hazard. Besides my hip problems I’m usually full of health and I have had every bug, cold and flu since living here. My hips have also suffered as the livingroom is hard to heat and end up having to sit with gas, central heating on for 7+ hours and a blanket to keep warm.

I’m surprisingly not stressing at the fact; I’m moving in with very little furniture but I can only look onwards and upwards.

Until next time.

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