Good News

Hello there, so I suppose it’s finally time to fill you all in; as there’s been a lot going on since the last time I posted. But firstly, I hope that you all had a wonderful time enjoying the festive period, Christmas day and bringing in the bells – oh and Happy New Year!!

My Christmas was definitely more eventful as I was able to enjoy a full day of festivities. This year I spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with my parents and then headed to a friend’s party in the evening. I had a second dinner as you do and accidentally brought a bottle of Apple Sourz that was 3 years out of date – that shows how little I’ve had to drink!

Fortunately I also brought a bottle of Passoa too. However, it seems no one has ever heard of this drink – it’s a tropical liquore and quite sweet. I also found out that others thought drinking it with Coca Cola was absurd but to each their own. Does that mean Malibu and Coke isn’t meant to go together either? I’m more partial to a Malibu and Fanta Límon or Naranja but most pubs don’t serve that as a mixer here so Coke seemed the better option…I’ve gone off on a tangent haven’t I? 

This party was definitely different than before, as I wasn’t in too much pain and wasn’t too tired either. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and just enjoy the moment. Surprisingly, I also had enough energy to stay up until 2am; however my body didn’t recover as well as I’d hoped the day after. Boxing day was almost a write off besides my delicious Domino’s pizza and watching a good few episodes of Bones.

I felt horrendous through the rest of the Christmas period and we think it could have had a lot to do with the dampness in flat, colder temperatures and still having to sleep with the windows open. I did however make it to New Look to browse the sales on the 30th of December and managed to pick up a lovely premium jumper and a white dressy blouse. New years eve was a write off as I had a really bad migraine. I did manage to nip to corner shop to get some essentials but spent most of the day in a dark room, listening to podcasts.

Also my dad and I visited my letting agency on the 30th December due to personally getting no where with them. At 6 weeks with no resolution I started discussing compensation or reduction in my rent due to the damage caused to my personal belongings and also due to my constant ill health. Their initial resolution was to decline compensation/reduction and offered to move some damp smelling bedroom furniture into livingroom for me to use and gave me a dehumidifier. But if I’m honest it was a little too late and I just wanted to get out of the flat as soon as possible!

So within a 30 minute conversation, my dad had managed to get their attention and discuss leaving my contract. Amazingly, they were also able to call landlord and left voicemail there and then – that’s something they claimed they could never do, whenever I requested this over the phone! Oh and you’ll never guess – they actually called back within 2 hours confirming that I would be allowed to leave my contract one month early. (without risking deposit, as long as I pass inspection)

It’s amazing how something was dealt with quickly when a parent is brought in to the mix. It’s not my usual practice as I do like to try and deal with complaints/problems myself, as I am 27, but it would seem that they didn’t seem to take my complaint seriously. You have no idea how happy/relieved I am to finally be able to leave – thanks dad!

The pressure is now on, as I’ve paid my rent up to the 21st January, that doesn’t give me long to pack, find somewhere new etc. Wish me luck!

Until next time..

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