Clumsiness & waiting game

No update on the damp situation besides the fact I’ve found a lot of black mould on the wet wall, windows and creeping over on to the other side of the room. The stench is horrible and sadly I can no longer look at walls without thinking I can see more mould; my eyes may actually be playing a trick on me!

I have spoken to lady at letting agency as it has now been 3 weeks since I reported the issue. She has confirmed that the contractor will be coming to view wall/mould on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. As I will be at work – she has confirmed she will let contractor in to flat and stay with him; as for security reasons, I don’t want to give him free reign of my home. She has promised to call me as soon as she has an update.

I was also back to work this week and I have to be honest, I wasn’t feeling ecstatic about it. I’d just started getting used to being off and now I was going back. I was however, looking forward to seeing my friends and catching up. Embarrassingly I also learned that when you stop doing something repetitively, you forget it and this occurred when I couldn’t log in as I’d forgotten my password. Fortunately, my friend was able to prompt me.

Work went surprisingly well; we have started to use a new system for time management and the company has decided to give us extra time off the phones for coaching, training, team briefs etc throughout my shift. It certainly helped me catch up on the things I’d missed; trust me a lot can happen in two weeks. It was also lovely to catch up with everyone and speak to my customers.

The only negative thing about being back at work was the change in the weather. It became miserable outside; gales, torrential rain, grey and dreary – yuck! We also had weather warnings for the Friday – with my inability to run (apparently I’m not allowed) I always worry about being caught out in gale force winds as I can’t run for shelter.

I’ve also learned that relying on a crutch for balance is not ideal if a gust of wind occurs during a stride; talk about knocking you off balance. Sadly on my way home from work on Friday I got caught out. As I was stepping up on to pavement with my bad leg on the ground, a gust of wind toppled me over.

Thankfully there was a big 4×4 nearby and I managed to grab the back of it to stop my fall but then I set off the car alarm – oops! In my  defence, it’s like a wind tunnel down my street/lane and can literally hear wind hitting off building.

Friday night I was meant to head to the glasgow christmas market and George square but with the weather warnings the council decided to close it down and in some ways, I’m grateful they did; as I somewhat made it home in one piece. At times in the evening, I could hear the roar of the wind over my television and the outer walls beginning to shaky – it was pretty scary and not for the faint hearted. I can’t imagine being the corner flat helped matters much!

I kind of hoped things would calm down as I had made plans with a friend to go christmas shopping and for lunch on Saturday and didn’t want to have to go out if it was just as bad tomorrow. I was looking forward to it; as this would be the first time we will have socialised outside of work, besides the Christmas party.

I decided on an early night but had a slight debate; whether or not to open bedroom window. Usually I wouldn’t do so especially with the howling of the wind and the loud noises of things being thrown about. But sadly, I also didn’t want to risk breathing in any of the mould/spores and therefore decided to open window ajar.

But at 3am, Storm Desmond had other plans which instantly made me regret my decision! Let’s set the scene – my window is open and my bed is directly below it and I’ve finally dosed off again after something hit the wall outside.

I was suddenly awoken to the horrendous noise of the window being forcefully pushed open past it’s capacity and then someone violently slamming it shut. I was scared to look in case glass had smashed but thankfully someone was looking out for me, as my head was directly below. I jumped out of bed as quickly as I could and closed window; for one night the mould/spores would need to do.

Until next time.


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