Limousine and birthdays

Currently still dealing with the mould and damp situation; had First Response come out and inspect roof/wall etc and they have determined that there is a crack at the top of the old chimney breast on the roof, four floors up – which of course would be situated behind my bedroom wall. So that explains the water dripping down the wall.

I’m surprised they haven’t tried to fix it sooner, especially with the amount of rain we’ve had over the past two weeks and with more on the way. It would be interesting to see how much water has been collected behind my bedroom wall. I’m guessing there must be quite a lot due to the amount of mould and damage over a short period of time. I’m just waiting on factors getting the money together for a surveyor to check for any other cracks on roof…..and then hopefully they’ll fix the problem.

Moving on to more positive things; I recently spent the day with my mum and we went out shopping to see if mum could find anything to spend her birthday money. Funnily enough, she didn’t pick anything up; however I managed to get two new pairs of boots and a new bag. We then met up with my dad and headed out to a local family-run restaurant. Dinner was good and it was lovely just to sit down and have a blether; which me and mum can do a lot of!

I was also invited to a friend’s 30th birthday a few days later. We hadn’t seen each other for a number of years but I was looking forward to catching up. There was a bit of a cafuffle as I made my way to hers; I realised that I’d left my painkillers in the flat and had to get off bus, go back home and then start journey again. Bus journey was long and intense; country roads at high speeds and lack of 4g and signal was a struggle but I finally made it!

Before the party, I spent some time getting to know the other girls and catch up. Then it was time to order our food and we decided on a takeaway. I went for my usual sausage supper – as I always try and eat before drinking. None of this; eating is cheating rubbish. Knowing my luck if I didn’t eat, I’d be passed out drunk after a few drinks.

We ate our food and then the limo was coming at 6. It was my first time in a limo and it was a great laugh, although we almost broke the sound system  – oops! During the journey I almost wore my friends glass of champagne (cava?) poured when the driver braked suddenly. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t suffer with travel sickness which was my biggest concern.

It was time to party and what a great night it was! I met people that I hadn’t seen in years. A colleague who I hadn’t seen for over 7 years from my last supermarket job; who was also the mum of another friend, small world. I successfully had a few drinks and paced myself through the night – I’ve still got to be careful as still need to take painkillers at the moment and can’t drink too much. Sang karaoke, let my hair down and had a great time!

I can’t say I felt as good the next morning as I’d hoped; I certainly wasn’t fresh faced. I’d stayed over at my friend’s house as too far to travel home to Glasgow at night; as would have cost a fortune by taxi. The last thing I wanted to do whilst hungover was get on two buses home, feeling so sensitive.

But I got up at 10.30am which was a struggle; believe me. I decided to get a bus to Ayr and then get train home but I stupidly stood at the wrong side of the road and bus drove right past me – I couldn’t exactly run on to the road; the likelihood is the driver would have drove in to me. So I was forced to change my plans and also wait another 25 mins for a bus to Kilmarnock, stupid Sunday service.

By the time, I made it to Kilmarnock bus station; I had another 40 minutes to kill to my next bus and it was pouring it down. I was quite relieved to make it this far as had been advised area where I was staying usually floods and buses are usually cancelled.

Typically by 1.30pm, I’d be craving some irn bru or some kind of chocolate but I just wasn’t feeling it. I still felt horrid, I don’t think this was all alcohol related, as I’d been feeling unwell over the last few days. By the time I made it home I’d been travelling for just under 3 hours; this is when I wished I could still drive as it would’ve taken 50 minutes by car. It was a quick change in to my pyjamas, clean up flat and then movie day.

Until next time.

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