It’s been a while

I’ve had a 2 week holiday from work and it’s not gone exactly to plan. I have to admit; I had plans to hit the gym and start to diet. However at the beginning of my two week break; I found damp and mould on my bedroom wall. Sadly, the wet wall was concealed with a big heavy chest of drawers that came with the flat and I was none the wiser until the damage was done.

I only realised when I went to pick a new book from my book shelves and it felt soggy and damp. It was then, that I panicked; as I had more sentimental items on the shelves too. Sadly I lost over 30 books that were damp, covered in mould and many pages were stuck together.

I also lost a number of journals  including the ones leading up to my hip replacement and new notebooks from family and friends from around the world. Sadly I also lost birthday cards from family members who are no longer with us, photos, a book full of text messages that my ex and I sent to each other during the first year of our relationship; irreplaceable items.

But the damage didn’t end there. I started to look at the rest of the room and there was more carnage. Bed linen, cushions, university certificates, bags, jeans, shoes and some brand new clothing items covered in mould. It was soul destroying! I had spent a lot of time and money making my bedroom the way I wanted it to be and within a short space of time everything had been ruined.

As you can imagine, I was worried about the remainder of my things being ruined. I therefore worked through the night until finally packing up my room and moving everything in to the livingroom by 6am Monday morning. I started to run out of space in the living room and had to start hanging my clothes against a folded down ladder in hallway.

The only items I left in the bedroom were my toiletries, perfumes and items that will hopefully be okay. However, I do check on them every now and again to make sure all okay. I reported everything to the letting agency first thing and issue still hasn’t been resolved on day eleven.

Whilst dealing with the stress of living out of boxes/suitcases and waiting in for maintenance on a number of days where they failed to turn up! I’ve also been able to enjoy some of my time off.

I recently met up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a number of years due to my health and life getting in the way. We got on like a house on fire and I also met her gorgeous wee boy. We plan to do it again soon; as we’ve still got lots to catch up on.

I was also offered a last minute opportunity to go and see Michael McIntyre at the Hydro with a friend. It was an amazing night and I’ve never laughed so much. His scottish impressions and jokes about losing weight, holidays abroad etc were hilarious. I think I’ve found my new favourite comedian.

Until next time.

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