I recently travelled to Jávea to stay with family and I had an amazing time. I arrived late on Thursday and spent the evening catching up with family, my dogs and having a wander around the apartment complex. It’s a little further away from the tourist section but I prefer being integrated with the locals, this allows me to practice a little Spanish and feel right at home.

I don’t know if I mentioned before; but I used to live in Spain for 3 years between 14 and 17 years old. I studied at school and worked as a waitress during the summer, whilst getting the opportunity to meet people from around the world.

It was an amazing experience and one that I wish I could have continued however financially with the credit crunch and my decision to enter further education, I moved back to Scotland. Even though I lived in Spain for a small portion of my life; I’ve fallen in love with the country, culture and mostly the people. So for me, it’s not just a holiday, it’s like returning to my favourite place.

Friday was my first full day in Spain and I was offered a tour of the area which included visiting the old town, the port and Arenal beach. We didn’t head out until noon and it was pretty warm outside. It’s amazing how quickly I learned to put something down on the seat of the car before sitting down. After within minutes of burning the backs of my legs whilst climbing in to the car – ouch!

The best way to describe the Old Town; it was quaint, traditionally Spanish with the town square, narrow streets and a pretty church which can be seen from most lower areas of Jávea. Sadly I found the Old Town to be a little bit steep and decided to not over do it on my first day and planned to return a few days later.

church tower

The port was my favourite place to visit, it was picturesque in the day and at night. Whilst walking towards the port there are restaurants running to the left, adjacent to the beach. At night, you can also see the light shining from the lighthouse in the distance, the boats and the waves crashing in to the pebbley beach.

the port

Then there’s Arenal beach which is predominantly touristy. White sandy beach, cove, bars, restaurants, shops and heladerias (ice cream shops) run along the shore front.


We decided to then walk along shore front and head to one of their favourite bars called Sandra’s. Where we got some toasties for lunch and of course, I had some warm chocolate fudge cake for dessert; as you do when it’s boiling.

After our lunch, we decided to look in a big Chinese shop where they sell everything – my mums favourite! I had a look at some scarves and I bought a make-up brush because stupidly I left one of mine at home.

We then headed back to apartment and I sunbathed for a few hours whilst reading my book. The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne and I was instantly hooked! I love the fact that there’s a bit of Scotland in the book, although story definitely isn’t the most upbeat – I would still recommend!

Later that evening we headed down to the port and we decided to try out a lovely wee Italian for dinner and that’s where I fell in love with my Californian pizza. Tuna, chicken, peppers and pineapple – but I had it without pineapple. I also got a portion of chips which could’ve fed all of us as our main.

Then lemon ice cream as my dessert; they scrape out lemon and use contents to make ice cream which they then put back in to lemon – delicious! I could’ve rolled home, I was that full!

Until next time.

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