Nice and cosy

Why am I always in the mood to write when it’s not really suitable? I’m perched on the end of a seat on the bus, totally uncomfortable. Yet I want to write. It’s never when I’m sat at home on my day off with plenty of time?!

I know I’ve just about disappeared off the face of the earth. Do you want an honest answer, everything I wanted to write about just wasn’t coming across as I wanted it to and for that reason I just couldn’t get in to it. I’ve never been very happy when I’ve posted something I wasn’t super happy with and for that reason I decided to wait until I got my mojo back!

So I’ve had a few weeks off, I’ve worked a fair amount of over-time, played crazy golf, met up with friends and my flat is coming along nicely. Things are finally falling in to place, taken long enough huh?

So kitchen is complete;


My livingroom area is warm and cosy. I can’t wait to light my candles once we get into the colder months. Strangely enough it’s the end of September and it’s sunny and 18 degrees celsius today.


My bedroom; I’ve decided to go for grey, mint and white. It’s not 100% finished but I’m getting there. Need to buy a jewellery box or stand depending on space and a warm fleecy throw for the bed.


Now I just need to organise my flat warming party :)

Until next time.

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