A little honesty

Apologies that I have been MIA! I had a few things happen over the past few weeks and I just needed time; as every time I would attempt to write, I would get upset.

I’m unsure where to start. So my now ex partner and I made the decision that I was going to move out, to try and give our relationship one last fight before we would both admitted defeat. I started viewing properties but it’s tough needing to be on the ground floor within a certain budget, with preferably a walk-in shower.

Many family and friends said after two weeks, that I may have to broaden my horizons. However, I persevered as I knew where I wanted to live – as I’ve always had to have a back up plan just in case anything went wrong.

Thankfully my perseverance paid off as I found a one bedroom flat in the location that I wanted and within budget. It’s much better than I thought I could get for the price.

It has a kitchen/livingroom combo, massive bedroom with storage and a spacious bathroom. There isn’t a walk-in shower but after being at my parents, I know that I can get in the bath, if I do so carefully.

I’m also thoroughly looking forward to being able to put on gas central heating rather than having to wear two to three layers to keep warm. Fortunately, I am able to move in to the new property as soon as possible and therefore I move in at the weekend – no pressure!

I’ve currently packed three boxes but I only have a small three hour window from 9pm until 12 midnight after my shift to pack. Tonight I need to attempt to pack all my beauty products, clothes, bags and shoes.

I have also officially stopped Tramadol and I can tell you the withdrawals are horrendous and if I could have continued taking them until the move; I would have done so.

Thankfully I will be getting some help with the move from my ex and his friends and hopefully by this weekend; I’ll be all moved in. Time to start afresh.

Until next time.

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