Day 18/42

This morning was slightly different compared to yesterday; at 6.30am my dog Amber jumped on my bed and then attempted to kick me off the blooming thing, in order to stretch out. She snuggled for about an hour and then Robbie barked so I headed down the stairs; as climbing the stairs is too dangerous for him.

Robbie had a bad injury to his neck a few years ago and could no longer walk. It gradually got better but he is now no longer able to go up or down stairs, jump down from things to ensure he doesn’t paralyse himself again in the future and this time the result could be fatal.

I went downstairs, gave Robbie a big cuddle and then let the dogs out for the toilet. I then went back up to bed for an extra hour or two. When I finally woke up at 9.30am – I headed back down the stairs and gave them their breakfast.

I also emptied the dishwasher, my boyfriend came over about 2pm to walk the dogs today and give me some chill time. I had a lazy day in my pyjamas. The boyfriend was struggling today too; as he was a little hungover after heading into town with a friend.

He went a long walk with the dogs and then headed to Morrisons for some snacks and juice. We then sat down and watched Cloudy with meatballs. Sadly the boyfriend’s friend turned up too early to pick him up and he had to leave without seeing the ending of the film but I really liked it.

I caught up with TV and went to bed at midnight.

Until next time.

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