Admitting defeat

I’ve decided that I don’t have enough side effects to write about in a new post each day and I would much rather write about fun things rather than pain or negative things.

So moving forward today is day 19/42 and it’s not been too bad. Yesterday I’d had enough rest and I couldn’t wait to get out the house. The boyfriend walked the dogs whilst I got ready and then I headed out to an appointment.

After the appointment, I picked up what was meant to be a replacement foundation. It actually ended in me almost buying the whole makeup section – my bad! I didn’t take as long as I usually would as I had to get back to feed the dogs and the neighbourhood’s worth of birds.

We then decided to go out for dinner at a local restaurant. The food was lovely and I had my favourite dessert; hot chocolate fudge cake with cream – it was delicious! Although, I honestly felt like I could’ve been rolled out to the car, oh well!!

After our meal, we played a couple of games of pool and I thoroughly enjoyed it; plus I only lost 2-1. Not bad, since I haven’t played pool in a very long time. I had great fun and certainly got the bug back.

Now I just need to harrass someone long enough to make them go play pool with me – I’ll just need to hope that I can play as good as I talk or that would be embarrassing.

Until next time.

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