Day 17/42

Today was very interesting; I was awoken at 5.30am with my dogs barking like crazy, as my mum and dad had just left for the airport. I was exhausted and headed back to sleep.

I was then woken up at 8am with the dogs whining, I headed downstairs and opened the back door for them. And you know they just looked up at me and then at the door and went back to sleep; as if to say, P. off! We’re not going out there! They moved eventually when  breakfast was mentioned and then I went back upstairs for another hour.

Today was a day full of challenges which included getting in the bath to have a shower – I made it! I just made sure I took my time and managed to get in and out as safely as possible. I then tried out mum’s coconut oil on my face definitely a good moisturiser, especially with my very dry skin.

I got dressed as my boyfriend was coming over about noon to walk the dogs and I’d decided to tag along too. Well it’s safe to say I’m pretty unfit – I walked the dogs and managed to keep up the pace on the way there. But on the way back it was an uphill struggle and I really was finding it tough. My boyfriend walked me home, as we only brought out one set of keys with the dogs whistle on them and then he headed out with them a little longer.

I got home, tidied up briefly and then headed outside to feed what felt like the neighbourhood’s entire bird population. I put out 4 fat balls and seed in both other feeders. I think they thought it was Christmas, as mum later told me I was meant to feed them every other day – oops.

Now it was time to sit down and not move for a while! I was physically exhausted and felt like I had no fight left and this was over a 45 minute walk..

Later on I made breaded chicken and roast potatoes in duck fat, delicious! Was lovely and I forgot how easy it is to use an oven again;  as ours is no longer working. I also made the dogs their noodles and dog meat.

After dinner I sat with a bowl of mint Vienetta and planned to catch up with some of my recordings. (I had downloaded them earlier today) As I settled down to watch them; I realised they were bloody pin protected.

I messaged my parents for the pin but had no reply. I therefore chose to watch season 1 of Safe House and it was actually a lot better than I expected. I let the dogs out for the loo and headed upstairs to read my magazine in bed. However, I feel asleep at 11pm – it was all pretty exhausting.

Until next time.

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