Day 14-16/42

Wow these last few days have been a little stressful. I’ve started to really struggle to wake up in the mornings and then struggle to stay asleep; which is a pain as I need to ensure I get a decent night’s sleep for the next working day.

Wednesday & Thursday I got to work a little later than I’m comfortable with. I usually arrive at work around 9.20am; so that I can take my time logging in, getting set up etc. However, I slept in and had to get the bus which got me outside work at 9.45am – stressful. I don’t start til 10am but our computers aren’t the quickest and if I’m not logged in on time, I don’t get paid for it.

Work was good, we had a few technical difficulties and I didn’t take a call until 2pm. Proper skive! It was a nice change as we were able to learn about new products and read up on new changes in the business. It also meant I could speak to my colleagues which was a nice surprise; as usually we have to fit in a quick few minute chat between our calls.

The day flew by and I had a good day at work. I also had a newbie listen in to my calls and learn how to work the systems, deal with calls etc. I got home quite swiftly and had a massive to do list, which included; packing a bag as will be dog sitting from Friday until Tuesday at my parents house. I also had to organise my lunch for the next day and tidy.

Before I got started I took a call from my parents and sadly I was told that they couldn’t support me as they first thought, whilst I was looking at letting agencies. To say I was disappointed was an understatement but there was no point of me reacting, I was unable to change the outcome.

So I rebelled in my own wee way!! I sat and ate ice cream and watched all my favourite recordings on my Sky box. It was quite stupid; as I got to 10pm and my to-do list was still very long. I’ve always found it quite hard to pack a bag as I don’t know what the weather is going to be like, plus it can be pretty temperamental living in Scotland.

So in the end, I packed 2 jackets, a jumper, hoodie, 1 old pair of trainers to walk the dogs in, joggie bottoms, a couple of tees and pjs. I suppose I should’ve explained my boyfriend plans to pick me up from work at 7pm on Friday so everything had to be ready to be put in the car thar evening. Packing my makeup and toiletries were a bit more of a struggle; as I needed them the next morning and I couldn’t forget my toothbrush.

Friday I woke up early and made it to work for 9.20am – shock horror! Work was good, I became easily agitated again but managed to overcome it easily. Managed to end my call for 7pm this is a miracle, as I’m always running over. My boyfriend then picked me up and took me over to my parents house. They were going down south to visit family and as my boyfriend is allergic to dogs I went to stay at their house.

I was pretty tired, had some toast and jam, had a wee catch up and went to bed for 11pm unsure of what would be coming up next.

Until next time.


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