Day 13/42

Today was a very busy day; it’s been a very long time since I’ve got up so early on one of my days off. Today was interesting as I was heading to a couple of viewings; I’ve come to realise that you can take a good picture of somewhere but it doesn’t mean the rest of the room is in order.

The first viewing I had was at a ground floor property, it was a short walk away from the main bus route and it was in an area full of trees, I love a bit of greenery. The bedroom was to die for; it had a massive walk in closet, two chest of drawers, a three door wardrobe and bedside tables.

However, you wouldn’t have been able to dry yourself in what they called a shower room. There was no where to put a toothbrush, let alone my skincare or shampoo and conditioner. Now I’m not picky but I need a bit of space and I doubt you could’ve turned around without difficulty.

Sadly the kitchen was the same; there was a washing machine under a work top but the fridge was in the way and again you couldn’t even open the fridge door, fully whilst standing in the kitchen. I mean there’s small and there’s small!

Sadly, I also felt there were a lot of things that needed done before I would’ve paid the asking price. So I left without asking for a note of interest form. It was now 9.20am and my next viewing wasn’t until noon. I decided to have a nosy round the area and headed into my favourite place; Superdrug.

I feel that I shouldn’t be spending my cash on silly things at the moment but I couldn’t leave the store without having bought something. My MUA ‘Undressed’ palette has been dropped a few times and the lid broke and also I’ve hit pan on a number of favourites, so I made the decision to repurchase. At only £4, I couldn’t complain.

However, as I got to the till – the cashier advised that some MUA products were on offer; two for £6.00. The thing is I actually didn’t need any other palette’s; as I have two at home that I haven’t even swatched yet but I also couldn’t turn down a deal. I headed back to the MUA stand and multiple swatches later, I chose the ‘Hall of Fame’ palette.

Not soon after my parents and I met up; as we were heading to another viewing at noon. We decided on a late breakfast and then walked round to the next property.

This is the flat I thought I would’ve fallen in love with, how wrong I was. I loved the kitchen it had red appliances and was decorated with red and white; the livingroom and kitchen were open plan.

However, the bed was too low and I would have needed to ask if I could have swapped it with a new one but that’s an extra expense. There was also some issues with the livingroom ceiling. Surprisingly, I didn’t fall in love with the property; as I did whilst looking at the pictures online.

So I’m no further forward in my search but I also don’t want to feel like I have to take the first place I see; as there could always be something better.

We headed to Morrisons for some fish and chips and I picked up some groceries. By the time, I got home I’d walked almost 10,000 steps (thanks to my UP 24 band for the data) and I was exhausted. It’s definitely an early night for me.

Until next time.

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