Day 8/42

I think I totally jinxed myself…

Yesterday I was talking to my manager about how easy I’m finding this whole withdrawal malarkey and that I was hoping that I’d be fit enough to stop using crutches soon.

Not soon after talking about the above; I started limping and was in a lot of pain. Ialso felt like I was going to faint and was unable to hear anything or see anything; even though I was sitting on a very busy call centre floor.

It was actually really scary; as I couldn’t even speak and wasn’t with it. I did manage to gain back some control but was then fighting to remain awake and aware.

Managed to control my temper however the fever, sweats, balance, shortness in breath and shakes are all back to haunt me. Wish me luck. I’m in agony too and feeling pretty irritable.

Straight to bed when I get home; as I’m having really sharp pains all over my hips, legs, back, shoulders and arms – ouch! Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow!

Until next time.

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