Day 7/42

Today surprisingly went a lot better than I expected. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t hurt because I did but I just tried to stay busy and take my mind off it. I think I got about 4.5 hours sleep last night, I am pretty tired.

I slept in yet again; this is becoming a bit of a habit. Now I’m more than certain I would’ve made the bus if I was able bodied and could have sprinted but sadly I can’t do that.

So instead of walking round to the bus stop, missing the bus and having to wait another 15 mins in the cold. I asked my fabulous boyfriend for a lift in to work and  although he wasn’t very happy about it, he dropped me in and to my surprise I was early.

Work was surprisingly good, I didn’t feel like my personality was 100% me, it just felt like my sense of humour had flown out the window but that could be the lack of sleep.

I’m stressing about decreasing my tablets again at noon; as these are the ones that help manage my pain the most however there was no need.

I didn’t feel like I’d made any significant change to my medication; I did feel a little warmer than usual but nothing to complain about and thankfully no more short fuse.

I still got irritated easily especially by a piece of hair that kept falling in to my face but otherwise I managed to keep it under control. Hopefully more days will be like this one.

Until next time.

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