Day 6/42

Oh well I’ll be honest today I was a bit lazy but with good reason, as I’ve had a super busy last few days. I was meant to head in to New Look as I’ve got a few vouchers to spend that I got at work; but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So I decided to have a lazy day in bed and caught up with all my favourite Youtubers; Gabriella Lindley, Marissa Kathryn, Funforlouis and Shaaanxo to name a few. I love watching daily vlogs, adventure and beauty but let’s be honest who watches Youtube and doesn’t wander off and end up watching a video of a talking dog?!

I’ll be honest today I felt irritated with everything; which is another reason I decided to stay in my room, away from others. I had the shakes, sweats, felt exhausted and irritable. Not the kind of person you want to talk to right?

I also wrote two blog posts; I uploaded one and scheduled the other for the next day. I like this new commitment as I used to write a daily blog so finding this pretty easy. The only problem I have is when I fall asleep too early at night then I need to play catch up. I’ll be honest 42 consecutive day will be interesting but I don’t want to fall away from writing about more important topics.

Just before bed I started to get organised as working tomorrow. I had a shower, washed my hair and layed out my clothes for the next day. I prepped my lunch and then organised my medications for the next 3 days.¬†Finally it’s bed time at 1.20am, I’m exhausted..

Until next time.

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