Day 5/42

Omg I woke up in agony this morning!! Plus I had a pretty terrible night. I’d put it down to forgetting to pace myself and over-doing it the night before. Will I ever learn? I’ll be honest if I’d nothing planned today; I would’ve liked to have rested in bed.

However my parents had organised for us to visit a restaurant in town and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So we got up and headed in town. The restaurant is a well known ‘upmarket’ fish and chip shop called Chippy Doon The Lane and we’d booked our table for 3pm.

It was a nice change having to hand over a voucher as payment rather than out of my pocket. Lunch was nice and service was great. Afterwards my boyfriend said he’d be cool if I walked down to Primark as I needed to pick up a few summer things before they are put in the sale and long gone.

Sadly I just never made it in time; in fact I was apparently a fortnight too late, the tops were already sold out. I was hoping to pick up some more cropped cami’s as they’re the best thing to wear under a top that’s too low.

As there were none left I picked up a few other items and headed to the changing rooms. I tried to take a pic of the tee and jacket combo that I had tried on however I was unable to take a pic as my hands were shaking so badly.

I have no idea if the shakiness, dizziness, lack of balance and severe sweats were all down to withdrawals alone. However, I don’t believe the heat in Primark helped; I felt like I was walking around in a sauna fully dressed. Talk about sweltering heat!

I decided I had to get out of there asap and therefore decided to purchase some longer cami’s, a faux leather jacket, burgundy tee, green floaty top, grey hoodie and some tights. I was pretty impressed with my haul and was only £38.00, what a bargain!

Once I got outside the symptoms seemed to pass. So I decided to head to Asda and get food shop out the way – see what did I say about pacing??? I then headed home, put away my new clothing items, the food shop and then finally sat down – exhausted!

Fortunately, I’ve had no other sweaty moments and I don’t want to jinx it but it seems like I might be getting used to this withdrawal malarkey.

Until next time.


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