Day 4/42

Today I woke up not knowing where I was, what time it was or what happened? Evidently my brain had still not woken up hmmm… I actually got woken up with a phone call from my mum and didn’t have those extra few minutes to actually wake up and acknowledge my surroundings.

She had called to see if I wanted to go to our local shopping centre; to get me out of the house and to try and take my mind off my withdrawals. By now it was 11.30am and she wanted to come by with my dad and pick me up at 12.45pm. One thing you know about my dad, he’s always fifteen minutes early so I had very little time.

Surprisingly I managed to get ready and tidy up the flat, as mum was coming in for a few minutes to let me try on a top she had bought me. As mum and I were heading out to the car, the heavens decided to open – talk about torrential rain! I still haven’t mastered the act of running so I got soaked..

We headed in to Next to return the top and there was still a massive selection of items in the sale. We picked up a few things to try on but we didn’t really find anything we loved.

We then had a nosy in TK Maxx and Shuh. I started having shakes so we decided it was time for lunch. We headed in to Debenhams to take advantage of our free hot chocolates with our store cards and we got a BLT and a portion of chips to share. I then took my medication.

Dad came and met us for lunch, then mum and I had a wee browse in the homeware section and I picked up some jewellery that was in the sale, I couldn’t resist at 70% off.

We left shortly after as mum still had to go home and make dinner plus we’d been out for a few hours and we were both getting tired. When I got home, I put my stuff away, tidied up and gutted my wardrobe; organising things for the bin and charity.

Am I the only one who can tidy their wardrobe, make up, jewellery etc for hours. I was shaking uncontrollably and at this point I realised it was 8.30pm and I still hadn’t had dinner or taken my medication…oops..

Stupidly, as I let the time pass by; I wasn’t able to take my last tablet as there weren’t enough hours left in the day. So I had to sit in a lot of pain and decided on an early night. On a positive note; at least I now have a very clean and organised wardrobe.

Until next time.


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