Timing Problems

So I woke up bright and early this morning at 9am for my shift at 10am, talk about absolute panic! I don’t think I’ve ever jumped out of bed so blooming quick in my life; especially when I usually need to give myself a good few minutes to wake up. I think the correct phrase is: ‘I’m definitely not a morning person!!’

The boyfriend said that I woke him up with a massive fright from the fast movement I made and he thought that something was badly wrong. However, he also mentioned in the same sentence, that I looked like I was possessed, floating in the air.. (weirdo!)

See the thing is, I like to get up as early as possible, as I hate it when people keep asking me to hurry up; as this ends up stressing me the heck out. Especially when I have numerous things I’ve got to do and not enough time to do them. Plus I need to give my legs some time to adjust and wake up.

I also wake up pretty doped up from my medication, so I’ve already got a battle on my hands before my day has even begun. I usually try to put on an interesting, upbeat youtube video, play some music (not too loudly of course) or check Facebook or my emails for ten to fifteen minutes before getting up.

Then it’s time to organise breakfast – now depending what I choose, will determine on how long and where I eat it. Weetabix and apple is somethining I eat if I’ve got the time to just sit back and relax for five and not be interrupted as I really hate soggy Weetabix – yuck!!

I also tend to get back in to bed which is a risk because I could fall asleep and end up wearing it. On a day with not a lot of time, I will have a selection of fruit and a yogurt, belvita biscuits or some banana on toast, which are my usual go-to’s. This morning however I ate some chocolate brioche rolls in the car on my way to work.

Thankfully, my boyfriend had already promised that he would drop me in to work this morning, so at least I didn’t need to stress about buses, timetables and how late I would actually become. I actually worked it out and if I had no option but to get the bus this morning, I wouldn’t have arrived at my work until after 11am. However, by some miracle, I was dressed and ready within 30 minutes and I was outside my work at 9.55am – result!

Lesson learned – don’t try to stay up when you are exhausted! My mum messaged me about the Debenhams Blue Cross sale on Wednesday afternoon, however I have failed twice now, to see what’s available, as I keep falling asleep. After working long hours I only have thirty minutes to an hour from when I get home from work until when I need to go to sleep. And sadly I’m not even making it to bed in time to fall asleep. Last night was no different, in fact I actually woke up on the couch at 2am with a roasting hot laptop sitting on my bare legs which felt like they were on fire and then I dragged myself off to bed.

Until next time….

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