My biggest regret

I think everyone is scared of something and over the years, my fear has been all about the dentist. My mum and I had a discussion about this recently and she said that it’s understandable why I am now scared as an adult, after numerous procedures. However my four year old self liked going to the dentist, I looked forward to getting a new toothbrush and a sticker. I was always praised for going in and sitting on the dentist’s chair without my mum and that I stayed the same until I had my bike accident. Then the fear kicked in!

The bike accident was just after my two adult front teeth had finally grown in, I had pretty straight teeth and I was close to leaving primary school. I remember the accident, clear as day. My friends in the street had fallen out with me for whatever reason, so I just cycled up and down my street and surrounding area.

Near to the time, I was due to go in for dinner; I decided to go for one more cycle up the street and back. I put all my strength in to the cycle up the street but I never quite made it. As I decided to pull a wheelie, I was quite good at them and had never hurt myself before. I don’t know whether I did it so aggressively due to the way I was feeling? Or because my friends were in the middle of the street and I was trying to act like I didn’t care.

My mum heard my screams from inside the house; I was at least half way down the street. She explained that she rushed out of our front door, out our drive and seen me lying between the kerb and the road. My friends were just staring, no one came over to help me nor did they run to get my mum. When I did a wheelie, I don’t know what happened but I think I pulled the brake by mistake and in doing so, I went over the handle bars of my bike and my face slammed in to the edge of the kerb.

I think I’d been knocked out for a good few minutes and the first thing I remember was looking down at my hands and a few fingers had massive areas where there was no skin. My knees were scraped but it was the sight of blood that freaked me out and caused me to scream! Whilst sitting on the ground, I run my tongue across my teeth to check everything was okay and that’s when I felt something sharp and missing.

I remember mum coming out, running over and taking my helmet off. She explained that I would need to get up and walk to the house. As we got closer to our front door, mum turned and pointed at my so called friends and told them that they should be ashamed of themselves for not getting help! Mum said she and a neighbour took me to our local doctor surgery and we were seen right away. Mum was very worried about the amount of blood and swelling.

However, doctor said that it looked worse than it was and my mouth injuries would heal up quickly. We were also told that if I hadn’t been wearing my helmet; we could have been dealing with a bad head injury. My fingers were bandaged and mum was advised to take me to see our dentist, Mr Walker once all the swelling had calmed down. It would seem that my front tooth and tooth to its left smashed in to the kerb and broke in half due to the force. I then proceeded to bite my bottom lip, hence the gushing of blood.

My last upsetting memory regarding the accident was during my dentist appointment when sadly, I was informed that my front tooth wasn’t repairable. They put a temporary cap on until I was able to be sent to the dental hospital in Glasgow, to start intrusive dental work. I would like to point out that at this point in my life; I’d never even had a filling. Sadly root canal failed, the gum turned black and it was decided I had to have tooth and root removed. I did eventually have a permanent crown put in but the fear was already there, to this day I haven’t bit in to anything with my left front tooth.(Crown)

I’m now 26 and I recently arranged a dentist appointment due to having nightmares that my teeth were falling out – this is a regular occurrence. I think it is my third appointment, where all is fine and nothing else needs any work. It’s like music to my ears and better yet, I don’t need to return for a further 6 months. Since my accident, my teeth are no longer as healthy. There were many months that I stayed away and in doing so required more work. Also my medications cause a severe dry mouth which meant that decay had a better chance to spread and due to this I have had to have teeth removed. I now try to attend the dentist as frequently as possible and look after my teeth as best I can.

I always thought my teeth were invincible and would never decay, snap or in any way need to be extracted. I wish I’d listened sooner! A smile is one of the first things people see and it’s hard to try and hide my teeth/smile whilst laughing or talking. I know many girls who look at pictures of skinny people and wish to be like them. I do that too but with teeth, however I don’t have a quick fix!

Until next time…

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