Diet Dangers

I wondered how you feel about dieting, fad diets and healthy eating? I’ve got to be honest, I do try and eat healthy where possible and I have reduced my daily intake by 200 calories after a discussion and recommendation from my doctor. As I’ve come to realise that I have been eating the daily amount of calories as an average person, however I am not able to burn as many due to the decrease in exercise.

Now listen, I’m not going to pretend that I hit below my calorie intake every day because I don’t! It’s not a definite necessity, it’s just something that I felt would be more applicable due to my current situation and I had started to gain some extra weight. With this in mind, I now like to research healthier food choices and whilst reading some information on Facebook, they suggested that I read this post.

Firstly I noticed that this page has over 1 million likes and is based on weight loss. Their most recent post however seems to be promoting a fad diet. The information includes a recipe for a cabbage type soup which they have called ‘wonder weight-loss soup’ and it is recommended that you complete the 7 day diet, to see results. The diet goes as follows;

Day 1: eat as much fruit as you want (excluding bananas) and soup

Day 2: eat all vegetables that you want and soup

Day 3: eat fruit and veg all day and soup

Day 4: eat up to 8 bananas and as many glasses of skimmed milk and soup

Day 5: 10-20 ounces of beef, up to 6 fresh tomatoes and soup

Day 6: eat as much beef and vegetables as you like and soup

Day 7: eat brown rice, vegetables, unsweetened juice and soup

* I should also mention only to drink water unless states otherwise.

I think my Day 8 would include all the foods that I’ve craved since I started the diet. I’d most likely be craving sugar, carbs and fatty foods. And I’d probably just eat and eat and eat until I felt sick and gained everything back (and more). This is why I don’t understand why fad diets are so popular? Especially with this one in particular; as you are cutting out a lot of important nutrients from your diet, that your body requires to function properly.

It also seems that it would be pretty difficult to maintain when it states that you can only complete diet every third week. I think that I would be very disappointed if I went through all this effort and once I stopped I gained, rather than maintained.

Another friend enjoys a juice detox every other week. She explained that she likes to look her best, if she has a night out or if going on holiday. She did mention that due to some of her health conditions; she finds that the organic fruit prevents migraines whilst she is juicing and it is very successful as she can lose up to 8 pounds in 5 days. However, she admits it’s not a quick fix and she has to ensure she keeps track and eats healthy whilst reintroducing food.

Maybe I’m naive but wouldn’t it just be easier to try and cut down the junk food and try to eat healthier food options? I’m all for smoothies and eating my 5 a day, I also aim to eat 3 filling meals and I like to have a few healthy snacks on hand, if I’m still peckish. I’ve also stopped eating food after 9pm, as this is the time where I can eat a whole bag of sweets without realising.

In conclusion, I suppose I would rather maintain a healthy weight by reducing the amount of sugar intake each day. My doctor informed me that when I was eating a lot of fruit, the high sugar content would actually cause my insulin levels to spike all day. And the fruit is rich in fructose and sucrose which our bodies will store extremely easily due to the high insulin levels. A simpler understanding; if I am unable to burn off with exercise, my body will convert it and store the sugar as fat.

He also explained that the fad diets are detrimental to our health! He admitted that ‘…yes, you may lose weight when you complete diet due the complete lack of calories but I can 100% guarantee you WILL put it back on again and probably more’. I have therefore decided to eat a well balanced diet with whole foods that are nutrient dense including protein, carbs and fats and exercise where possible.

Until next time.

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