Restriction Issues

Do you want to know what I’ve learnt in the past 14 months? Simple tasks are not so simple anymore. My lovely mum painted my toe nails a few weeks ago and the other night I noticed they badly needed repainted, so I thought what better excuse than to have a pamper night.

This would have been much easier, if I didn’t have a 90° restriction. I can admit, I had more nail varnish on my toes than I did on my nails oops! Thank goodness for nail varnish remover and cotton buds.

It simply was a struggle, as I can’t sit on the floor to do them. (please view previous post) I can’t stand and bend to do them. The only thing I can do is perch myself on the end of my bed and lean down to do them. I am still breaching restrictions slightly but I don’t want to wear sandles and not have them painted.

I also have to wear compression stockings all day for approximately 14 hours plus. There is usually a daily wrestling session trying to get them on each morning. As you can imagine, they wrecks havoc with my skin. And my poor legs/calves are all dry, cracked and sore due to some friction.

Shaving my legs has become something I do less frequent, not because I’m lazy but I’m usually exhausted once I’m finished and they are silky smooth. Another issue is that I actually can’t reach round the back of my left leg. (Hip Replacement side) As I just don’t have the flexibility.

So I fail at my nails and my legs. Foot masks are also out. In fact when I have a shower with plans to wash my hair, the shoulder flares up and then trying to reach my legs/feet to exfoliate in a cramped shower space, is just asking for trouble. I do manage but when I’m finished I’m ready for a good few hours rest.

The other thing I’ve learnt is to never put body lotion on my legs before attempting to put on my stockings. They just stick and usually I can’t pull them up or down to take them off. It’s not usually the most comfortable of things when a scrunched up stocking, tightens around my ankle. In fact it hurts like a b….. Another struggle is putting a stocking on after swimming, I’m sure the chlorine does something.

I don’t even want to discuss how unfashionable they are. It’s embarrassing! However, for all that I talk about the negatives. One of the biggest positives are they are helping prevent further blood clots and I’d take poor fashion over that agonising pain any day.

I do find it frustrating as I need to wear them at any time that I am walking, sitting etc. This means I have one very white leg and a semi tanned leg if I sit out and sunbathe. I ordered tan coloured stockings via the hospital as I was scunnered with my over the white thigh high ones, I had to wear for 6 weeks post op.

My stocking ends just under the knee. Sadly this means most dresses, skirts and shorts are out. I have tried to wear it and not worry but my natural skin colour is very pale and a tanned stocking on top looks really stupid.

The only positive thing is if I wear one on each leg and wear ankle grazers or three quarter length trousers, my legs look super tanned and a little shiny. I need to keep focusing on the positives.

Until next time.

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