It would seem that Scotland has finally caught up with the rest of the U.K. We have sunshine! Unfortunately I’m working again but I enjoy feeling the heat on my skin through the bus window and it makes me feel upbeat and cheery.

I have to be honest, I’m pretty pale as wasn’t able to sit out this time last year due to my surgery. So my skin hasn’t seen sun for at least 2 years. Is it possible to get sunburn through a bus window? As I’m being toasted right now…

To make matters worse, it’s Thursday which means my workplace provide us with a yellow t.shirt that we have to wear for team spirit. However, yellow washes me out and when I sit down the tee practically chokes me. I wonder do you think they did that on purpose? Although in retrospect we need to sit at our desk so I can’t imagine they would do anything to prevent us from working.

So anyways, back to the yellow t.shirt. It’s so warm on this bus, I’ve had to take my jacket off. I just hope people realise I’m fully aware that it washes me out and that it wasn’t my choice. However it says some cheesy message on the back too about power and saving more customers. I don’t know it word for word though as I don’t have eyes on the back of my head sadly.

But in all seriousness, I think this is the first time I’ve sat in a tee on the  bus. I’m slightly disappointed jusy checked weather app and apparently its to get to 22°c today and I’ll be inside. However one of the benefits of working in my workplace is the air conditioning is broken, so I still feel the muggy heat at my desk.

Yesterday, I attempted to open a window as I felt faint but you’ll never guess this! The windows are all locked, except one. So they opened the one tiny window wide to try and ventilate – it made no difference. On the upside sometimes it gets so warm they give us ice lollies.

Moving swiftly on, I’m quite wary about what I write about my work place and I can imagine there’s not many 26 year olds with a hip replacement.

Aww I had some relief for a moment, some shade. I don’t know if it’s just me or if other people feel the same but sometimes the heat gets too much. Last week the wind was so cold I had gloves on and now it’s really warm. I wish we got a slight build up to the warmth, just to get us used to it.

Yehp now I sound like I’m moaning and it’s not the case. I used to live in Spain but the temperature increased over a period of time and it helped us acclimatise to the heat. Now if only I still had a swimming pool in my back garden.

Just arrived in to the city centre and you can see that we love this weather. Guys are in shorts and tees, even the business men are mostly just in short sleeved shirts or the odd suit jacket. Most girls are wearing skirts or dresses, I think we get it easy.

Sadly, we have to be strict with what we wear to work today as one of the heads of business is visiting. This means that my black trainers with slight purple is not allowed. Today of all days I have had to wear boots. Plus they’re too big for me so I’m also wearing regular socks and thick socks on top – absolute nightmare!

Keep your fingers crossed the good weather stays until Saturday (my next day off). Rumour has it there will be a significant drop in temperature and showers come Saturday. I hope that is a mistake! Will keep you posted.

Until next time.


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