I’ve been having some horrific shoulder blade pain for over a few years now. Doctors put it down to the wear and tear of using crutches for years or over using my arm. But what I don’t understand is, if this was going to happen, why did nobody tell me?

When I initially went to the doctors they diagnosed it as a pulled muscle. On numerous occasions thereafter; it was carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, ulna nerve pain etc. Even with no actual diagnosis I was given amitriptylene 20mg to hopefully manage the pain and it did for a bit but I struggled with extreme drowsiness, which is when doctor decided to swap it to nortriptylene and increase to 30mg.

I was referred to physio who said it was due to my posture, she didn’t seem to listen or want to know my symptoms. I tried to explain due to the pain I was unable to sit up straight and had to sit slanted as can’t handle anything touching my shoulder blade. (Like a chair) She gave me physiotherapy exercises and told me to get on my way. It felt like no one was genuinely interested.

Bringing us now to the present day. I spoke to my doctor over the phone last Friday and explained that the pain used to come in bouts and now it’s 24/7. She seemed appalled at the way I had been treated. She asked to see me, I went on Monday as it was her first available appointment. She explained that the usual process for a recurring problem, would be to refer the patient to a specialist and to get a diagnosis. She explained that she can’t request that I get an x-ray or scan that it will need to go to through specialist.

She did touch my neck, back and shoulder blade area. I did try to point where it hurt, I also pointed to an area and explained that it was numb. I have zero feeling there. She could see I could barely use my arm. She did ask that I try to not let it stiffen up, as it could make pain worse but also to take it easy – no strenuous exercise. From my symptoms she said it looked like a trapped nerve or impingement but she would need a specialist to look at it further. Plus she will refer me to a well known physiotherapist who deals with upper body problems and is the best in the business. The only problem is the 6 month waiting list.

Now this timescale irritates me because I went back on numerous occasions as I wanted to find out what it was, and was fobbed off. As of Thursday, I find out from my orthopaedic consultant, what surgery is required on my right hip but how can I go ahead with surgery knowing I couldn’t rely on my right arm to hold my weight through crutches. Considering I can’t even hold a bag in my right arm without pain.

She mentioned that I’ll have to notify my consultant however I’ve had to wait for quite a while to see him and I don’t want to postpone surgery for a further 6 months to see about my arm first. I’ve been stuck in limbo for ages and I’ve been focusing on 4th June for a good few months. Plus I’ve been unable to progress and get a better job. This is not where I’d see myself at almost 27 and this upsets me greatly.

I would’ve liked to have been working in a career within my degree sector. Now I’m not ungrateful my employer has been the most understanding and they know I give 100%. I don’t take time off ever, as I push myself to the max. Take today for example; I struggled to get dressed, (my bra is a nightmare) put my hair up and I also struggled to put on my compression stocking. My hips are giving me pain and I’m in agonising pain not only at my shoulder blade but its now gone into my neck, down through my arm and at the top of my back.

Due to my body holding itself differently to try and cope with the pain – it’s putting my hips at a different angle and they’re causing me a lot of pain. But I’ve still dragged myself off to work. Will let you know how Thursday goes.

Until next time.

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