Pick Me Ups

I was having a think about what I like to do to pick myself up. I suppose it would be a combo between sweet treats and a comfortable, clothing day. I’m quite partial to some milk or white chocolate, a movie and let’s throw in a pj day, for good measure.

I recently tried the new dairy milk bar with crunchie pieces and I was sold. I love crunchies so mixing them together makes for a great combo. I’m sure I’m known for my sweet tooth but I also crave smoothies, watermelon or a fruit salad – yum!!

Pre op, I loved a bubble bath however that’s no longer an option, as we ripped it out in order to install a walk in shower for my (then) up and coming surgery. I hope that when we go on a weekend break, there will be a bath. However, I’ve not actually learned how to get back in one with my restrictions. No doubt, I’d panic and end up stuck. I don’t want no firemen turning up to help me out, how embarrassing!

I also love a good boxset, I’m currently working my way through Lost (10 episodes til finale) and Bones. I used to watch films like ‘She’s the man’ and ‘Step up’ series to make me smile. I don’t really watch DVD’s anymore though. I’d usually have a look on Sky Movies On Demand or my planner, how original.

When I used to live by the seaside and was going through a good spell, I would walk along the beach. If it was summer, I’d run along with my dogs. I got a great tan with the sea breeze and my dogs loved swimming in the water and getting a big bowl of water and an ice cream cone as a treat.

I’m not going to pretend that I found running easy but I loved the feeling of my bare feet hitting the sand. I always found it easier to run on sand without shoes plus meant I could go in sea with my dogs, as you do. I wasn’t the fittest during these times between my hips and the fact that I used to smoke up to 20 per day. I could only manage to run for 10 minutes at a time between the burning breathing feeling and pushing my legs to the max until they were too sore and I had to stop. However, I made the most of the sunshine and pushed myself – it was so much fun.

I’ve also always loved swimming and whenever I would go through periods of trying to quit smoking*, I noticed a massive difference. I could complete more lengths and I found breathing became easier. Since surgery I have been to the pool to do hydrotherapy exercises in the pool but I don’t know if I can swim. I remember the first time I went back into a pool post op and the only way to describe the situation was; my leg felt like it was floating off on its own. It felt horrible but that was due to muscles growing back and not being so strong.

Looking back on my recovery, I’m able to now admit that I was terrified of everything. When I was younger and in pain, I used to hold my leg a certain way, as in my head this meant that it wouldn’t get worse. I had this same mentality when I had my hip replacement and unfortunately this was the worst outlook I could’ve had.

As I am now waiting for another up and coming surgery, I would like to attempt some of the above. My plans for this summer, walk along the beach, (board walk) try and swim again – what’s the worse that can happen? I doggy paddle and make a fool of myself? I’ll just need to teach myself again. I think I should write a list of the things I would like to do before my next surgery and what I would like to try afterwards. I think I need to live by this motto: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Will keep you up to date with my progress.

Until next time.

*I quit smoking 1st February 2013 and haven’t looked back.

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