It’s the little things

Let’s be honest everyone struggles with something whether it’s motivation, a task or with life in general. And that’s how I felt last week. I was having a tough time between working over time and being busy and not really having a minute to rest. I still push to do my best but some days I still lag.

On this particular day, a good friend of mine sent me a lovely message which included the words ‘I’ve seen your recent Facebook status’s and your doing very well considering everything your going through, well done chick!’

It was such an uplifting message, especially for someone to take the time out of their day and to let me know they acknowledge my progress. It also motivated me to try and do the same with anyone that I thought needed that extra boost. I do try and lift people’s spirits where possible but now I make sure that I do at least one good deed for that day.

The message also gave me that extra boost to keep at it. So now I challenge myself to make another person’s day brighter. Whether that be by speaking to an older person who is a little lonely or to help my customer’s as much as possible. I want to show that people do care.

Before my workplace changed address; I had befriended a few older ladies at my old bus stop and they said that they’d look forward to our daily catch ups, as it meant they wanted to do that little extra in their day so they’d have something new to tell me. Quite honestly, I was happy for a wee cheery conversation too.

So this message is for you; with every step you take and every minute that passes, try and think of a few achievements that you’ve made. Whether that be attending the gym as planned or dealing with a very difficult customer with poise and patience. We never know what the other person is going through and vice versa. Remember to pat yourself on the back for completing another day and if things were tough, don’t worry there’s always tomorrow.

Until next time.

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