Tramadol troubles

Yesterday was the first day that I took tramadol and tried to function like a normal person. I work in a call centre, ideally it would be good if I can remember the topic I’m discussing with the customer. I used to take 8 cocodamol each day and function at work. Sometimes I would feel a little sleepy but it just meant that I had to focus more. My poor brain hurt.

Yesterday I felt fine – took my meds with breakfast and left for work. I’ve noticed that the medication can take a few hours to kick in, which isn’t a bad thing. I felt pretty normal during my journey to work, which gave me time to write a blog post. I did feel sleepy during the first half of my shift but couldn’t pin point if that was due to lack of sleep or painkillers.

Around lunch time, I was due my next dosage of medication. This is where I made my first mistake. My doctor had explained that whilst I’m at work, it would make sense to take another 2 tramadol and then have 2 cocodamol at night. So this was the first time I’d taken more than 2 tablets in a day.

I had a filling lunch. I knew that meds would take a while to kick in. How wrong was I! Around 1.30pm (30 mins later) my colleague asked me if I was okay. In all honesty, I felt terrible. Sick, dizzy, emotional, faint, couldn’t hear out one ear and shaky. Not the best place to be dealing with those symptoms. As I was still answering the phone.

I felt this way through the rest of my shift. My colleague and I came to the decision that they probably don’t take as long to work once they’re in my system. Nightmare! But they did work. I certainly felt no pain. I’m guessing it was because I was distracted with all of the above.

I was still feeling horrible 4 hours later and was fighting to stay awake on bus journey home. It was obvious that I had no choice but to admit defeat. I had my dinner, shower and went to bed. I was out cold by 10pm.

I still struggled to wake up this morning. I managed to sleep for 8.5 hours but I can guarantee if I’d allowed myself to go back to sleep – I could’ve slept the day away. Now I’m in a vicious circle, feeling doped up/tired and taking medication on top.

But one thing I can promise – I will only be taking 1 tablet at lunch time today. I don’t want to be fighting to stay awake, it’s tiring.

Until next time.


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