Déjà vu

I know I’ve stopped writing and it’s not intentional. I know that when I write about my current situation; it will make it real. I honestly thought that I was coming to the end of discussing being in pain and I was hoping that I would only need to update on recovery every so often.

I’ve posted before about my pain and thankfully I’ve had no issues with my hip replacement. But last Thursday, I finally managed to get a cancellation appointment to see my consultant as my right hip pain has increased significantly.

I’ll keep it to the point. During my appointment my hip was moved in all directions and I was also sent for x-rays, 6 to be exact. The radiologist said that only my consultant requests for these kind of x-rays as he likes to be thorough. Before heading for x-rays; consultant spoke about the likelihood of medication to fix the issue or possible reconstructive surgery.

On return from radiology and looking through x-rays, consultant started to talk about 2 options only; reconstructive surgery or a total hip replacement. He has also requested that I have another MRI arthrogram (this will be my 3rd over the years) and he will be able to determine decision from those results.

I’ve finally recovered from a total left hip replacement and had hoped that I would have a few years of pain free living. In fact, last year – I was actually informed by my consultant that my right hip was perfect and there was no need for him to touch it. He insisted I was suffering from referral pain.

Hence I finally believed that I was coming to the end of my recovery and wouldn’t require any more surgery for minimum 10 years (new hip replacement). So I never imagined that I’d be back here almost 1 year post op.

If I’m honest, I want to do whatever I can to give me the best quality of life. I’m no longer able to go out besides for work and appointments. I’ve been living this life for years and it sucks as I recently got a taste of freedom. So as you can imagine I’m finding it hard to lose my independence all over again.

So for now I’m in limbo. I’m guesstimating by the time I have my results and have a return appointment; I will likely have had to wait 4 – 6 months and then there’s the waiting list for surgery. Yawn…

I’ve also had to increase my medication as my cocodamol 30/500mg; 8 tablets through the day weren’t even taking the edge off. My doctor wanted me to go back on morphine (mst slow release) but it took me 6 dreadful months to come off it and I’m worried about the long term effects on my organs. Ideally, I would like to be medication free.

I’ve been given one more option – tramadol. I’ve been on it a few days now and at times I struggle with speech and I’m sure I’ve lost a few hours. I’ve also started to fall asleep on the couch mid text, stylish. I’m dreading taking these at work, as I need to be on the ball and ‘with it’ during my calls. But I will struggle on, as at least with meds I can suffer in a little less pain.

Until next time.

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