Body changes

I want to talk about an important topic today. I know from experience; I hate talking about my weight or my insecurities but I feel that this platform could enable me to do just that. I’ve always struggled to find helpful weight loss advice for people with mobility issues. Most of my reading materials advised me to walk, run, swim etc but at times that wasn’t possible. And let’s not get started on the medication that made me want to eat like a pig.

Now don’t worry this isn’t going to be my fitness routine; I just want to address how mobility issues have affected my body pre op.

My hip problem started when I was 11 but it wasn’t constant. I would have 6-8 months of the year on crutches and the remainder was spent just like any normal teenager. So for the ‘good times’ I was able to walk without crutches but still had to be careful not to over do it or I’d start up another episode of pain.

There was one think I was eternally grateful for: my fast metabolism. It meant that even if I was bed resting for weeks on end, I never noticed any weight increase. Plus I dealt with these episodes until I was 21.

I’m not going to lie, my diet changed significantly during my time at student accommodation. I definitely consumed a few too many shots and alcoholic beverages during freshers and throughout the years. I also noticed quite quickly that I couldn’t afford to buy lots of fruit or healthier food options. I should also point out that I was a smoker so I stupidly cared about buying cigarettes over food.

Just before I turned 21, I had another episode of hip pain and I just expected it to be like every time before but I was wrong. I went from using crutches, to a wheelchair, struggling to live in student accommodation and wasn’t able to walk 5 minutes to university. This affected my self esteem and my weight. During this time, my metabolism changed – I was always warned that as I got older, it might disappear.

I was quite happy to put on a wee bit of weight initially as doctors always pointed out that I was a little underweight for my height. (5ft 8inch) So in some ways being able to put on weight was a good thing. The only issue I had was finding a way to exercise without causing me too much pain.

Roll on 3 years, mobility issues were still the same and I was a size 12 – 14. I had tried the slimfast diet; mostly because the shakes were easy to take, than to stand and make something to eat. It didn’t work. I also joined weight watchers, to see if some additional support could help. I counted pro points and ate healthier but I just couldn’t lose anything. It always came down to lack of exercise.

My body pre op wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I started to suffer from confidence issues when I lost control of my independence and mobility. Add the extra pounds and my confidence hit rock bottom. I’m still working towards my size 10 to 12 target to date.

Now I fully understand that I’m not going to love everything about my body. I’m not even aiming for the ‘model look’. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. Shouldn’t we all? Looking in the mirror shouldn’t cause us to feel defeated or lost in the battle against the pounds.

To be honest I need to remember that our bodies naturally change over time and I need to focus on some of the things that I love instead. I have already learned a lesson in losing weight – don’t religiously weigh yourself on a daily basis as you will feel defeated before you’ve even got started.

Until next time.

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