Even with the lows, there are highs

This weekend I showed that there can be a life with pain. I am coping a little better, each day. The pain isn’t decreasing but the way in which I deal with it is.

This weekend was full of firsts again. A recap; work all day Friday and then one of my close friends came over for a catch up and drinks in the evening. I then stayed up watching Jaws 3 and wrapping presents. Saturday was filled with an early rise and visiting my parents. It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with my family and seeing my dogs.

Sunday, I spent with my boyfriends family; celebrating his dads birthday and of course, Mother’s Day. (Don’t panic, I’m in the UK!) Another early rise and then headed to the Bowling arcade with a meal at Tony Roma’s after. In the evening, I spent over an hour – having a well needed nostalgia filled catch up with my mum and an early night was required.

A few of my firsts; I tried ribs for the first time at Tony Roma’s and they were delicious. I was able to enjoy a game of bowling without using the kids ‘thing’. I was able to hobble on up to the line and on my first go – I managed to get an X – a strike….it was my one and only. I had so much fun, I was a little sore half way through the second game and asked my boyfriend to take over. I just didn’t want to over do it.

I have to say I noticed the dance mat in the corner and to say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement.

I also had an alcoholic drink on Friday, my first in a while. A Blue WKD. I have to admit I haven’t had to deal with a hangover for a long time and it has made me reconsider whether it’s worth it. I may have only had one drink but I still had to take my painkillers later in the evening and the next morning I felt like I’d been out drinking all night.

This weekend was different from my usual because I actually had something to do each day and not once did I feel ‘cabin fever’ – result! It has made me reconsider what I do at the weekends; I have totally scunnered myself with TV and I’ve decided that I want to go outside more.

I won’t deny that Monday, I could barely move and I had initially planned to go to aqua aerobics but getting dressed took most of my energy. I spent the day, eating lots of rubbish and relaxing. I know I didn’t post anything. My bad.

The positives; Monday I felt achy but no real agonising pain. I just felt like I’d completed a full body work out. My arm was a little tight probably from the throwing of the bowling ball – that’s got to be one of its biggest workouts besides changing the channel on the remote control….

So to anyone who struggles with pain or life in general; let’s try to deal with one day at a time. If you stumble and have a bad day – remember it’s okay, just wipe yourself off and get back on it. If the last year has taught me anything; I feel the best advice I can give is to take one day at a time.

Until next time.


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