Let’s go for a cheerier post today…

I can’t help but giggle with this one crutch malarkey. I was quite worried this morning and my boyfriend stated the obvious. “I’d be like a duck to water” – I’d pick it up after the first few steps. I think he jinxed me!

I’ve used two crutches at the same time since I was 11. That’s easy and I’ve had all the practice. I also used two crutches for most of my recovery. But before I got discharged from physio, it was decided that I would go down to one crutch for the last few months.

Maybe I should explain better. My hip replacement was on left side which meant when I started using one crutch it was in my right arm. The pain now is in my right hip and I’ve never used the one crutch in my left arm and trust me, you can tell haha.

Now I know I was was being a little naive or maybe slightly silly to think it would be as simple as before. When I woke up this morning; I panicked and questioned why I didn’t walk up and down the livingroom last night for practice.

Well at least I can ensure that most of my neighbours got a good laugh and I don’t blame them! I just couldn’t find the rhythm. I know you’re thinking it’s easy – take one step with right leg and move left arm and my brain knows it but heck my feet had a different opinion. Let’s blame ‘the lack of sleep’ but we all know that’s not the reason.

So, I’m en route to work and I’m trying to deal with all my insecurities. It’s like a snap of the fingers and I’m back to the person, I don’t want to be. Whenever I’ve used crutches; I worry that people think I’m walking too slow or that I’m getting in their way. Plus I also feel less confident.

Many people at work have been so encouraging and supportive since my op. Many shared my excitement when I stopped using crutches – I just don’t want to look like I failed.

Anyways, I’m just about to get off the bus and I’m going to aim to look less awkward. Brainwave – could I be struggling with my left arm because I’m right handed? Who knows…

Until next time.

Edit: No one has mentioned the fact I’m on crutches – that’s an awkward conversation diverted.

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