Lesson Learned

I promise I’ve learned my lesson; I didn’t pace myself on Monday and I have been paying for it ever since. I was feeling pretty disappointed by Tuesday as I began to realise I would have to miss Zumba that evening. I was still limping pretty badly and struggling to weight-bare on my hip from day before. But what I found more frustrating was not being able to pin point what specifically caused my pain. I don’t know whether the pain was down to; lightly jumping/kicking in aqua aerobics, climbing the stairs to the gym or just doing too much.

Don’t worry I have decided to not attend any more Aqua aerobics classes until I can check with surgeon, that it’s definitely okay. However, I have decided to continue to attend Zumba instead. And I know what you’re thinking -Zumba is even worse! And I would have to agree. The work out is fast paced from beginning to end. But what I want to explain is how I feel during and after the class. I may not be able to do all the steps and may be taking things slow but I still feel part of the group. Even just listening to the music, mostly ‘reggaeton’ (Spanish music) makes me smile. It’s been a long time since something like this i.e. a fitness class has made me happy. I feel like I have a purpose and a reason to leave the house.

Wednesday onwards was just as interesting. The weather was due to take a turn for the worst and I started to panic. Wednesday was a nightmare; I awoke at 6am to find black ice on pavements and roads. By the time I left my house to walk/limp to bus stop, it had been snowing and was freezing.

Wednesday snow

My walk to the bus stop

Looking out at the snow made me feel anxious and I now fully understand why the elderly are so scared to leave their houses in the winter due to worries of falling or slipping. I also feel that fear; my new hip may have given me my new lease of life but it is so precious that during winter weather; I don’t want to do anything to jeopardise my recovery and that includes falling over and breaking or dislocating my hip.

Plus, in all honesty, I know that if I were to fall over that I would find it impossible and too uncomfortable to get up. I am still unable to sit on the floor as I can’t kneel, in order to pick myself up, let alone having to compete with ice too. It took me around 20 minutes to walk to the bus stop, it usually takes me about 10 mins and even though I was super careful, I did slide a couple of times and jerked myself. Let’s be honest if it wasn’t for work – I would have given up and went back home.

By home time there was no snow in the city and barely any snow left at home. I was able to safely walk home from the bus stop, however most of the melted snow now looked like it could potentially turn into more ice. I was just happy to be home, I was pretty sore and needed to be smart about resting. There is still a very important day of this week to come.

Until next time.



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