Pacing Problems

Last Monday I was full of energy; I planned to attend aqua aerobics, gym induction, possibly workout and maybe go food shopping. I have to admit that when I have energy and feel motivated – I forget to pace myself and this day was a prime example. Even now I feel pretty frustrated with how I judged things and how I caused myself to take a step back.

I left the house at 9am; I woke up pretty late and sore but wanted to push myself. Plus I was conscious that I’m now paying for the privilege of the gym and wanted to get my monies worth. Whilst waiting for the class to start I noticed that there seemed to be quite a large age gap – I appreciate that the class time is probably more suited to people who don’t work due to being scheduled at 11am on Monday mornings.

I also realised that it was the same instructor as Zumba which was lovely as it meant I didn’t have to explain my health issues re: hip replacement and restrictions in front of everyone. I recall watching people take part in aqua aerobics before and it looked fun. However, I didn’t consider the fact that your legs do all the hard work. I also thought aqua aerobics would allow me to work out safely; as I’d heard that the water would help with buoyancy and take the weight off hip.

As class warm up was complete and main workout started I began to notice a lot of the workouts were focused around jumping and I did feel slightly jealous about how agile the rest of the group were. However, I have to admit I think I had too much fun! I tried to embrace the class and do what I could – I jumped a little; as I remembered I could do this pre-op in the water. But after a few jumps I started to panic, as I recalled specifically being told that I wasn’t allowed to jump or run post op, by surgeon. Shortly after I started to get a sharp pain in new hip/incision area, and I decided to slow it down as I didn’t want to over do it.

When leaving the pool I should have acknowledged my discomfort and went home. However, gym induction had already been rescheduled due to staff sickness and I had already been advised that without induction I wasn’t allowed to use equipment, even though I’m already paying for membership. I had some lunch, took my painkillers and relaxed until induction was due to start. I was pretty tired at this point and decided that if I was allowed to use equipment, I would only use treadmill for 30 mins max.

Things never seem to go to plan for me, as when instructor came to meet me he explained that we would need to take the stairs as the lift was broken. To say I felt disappointed was an understatement. Stairs and I, don’t have the best relationship. They hurt my knees and hips and cause me a lot of pain. I realised that I would just have to push myself. Two flights of stairs later….and I was exhausted. I felt frustrated as I specifically joined this gym because of the lift and I feel that there should have been signage to advise that lifts were out of order, rather than have me waste my time.

Let’s be honest, I didn’t manage much at the gym. I was very sore by the time I reached the top of the stairs and before considering working out, I needed to keep energy to climb down the stairs again and make it home. Induction complete, I was exhausted and headed home. I felt physically drained and still had to tackle Asda. By the time, I did make it home, it was almost 5pm and I had been on the go for 9 hours and hurt everywhere. I made dinner, took painkillers and decided to bed rest for the rest of the day.

I think the moral of the story is knowing how far to push your body and listening to it when things become a struggle. I will definitely remember pushing myself too far this time and recall the suffering I’ve had to endure, due to not pacing myself correctly. Don’t expect too much, too soon. And try to remember that what you can’t do today, you can find time for tomorrow.

Until next time.


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