Positive Thinking

Is it just me or have you ever spent some time thinking about your life and what you would like to change? Change can be anything from a new hair style, a new fashion look or a new attitude. I think we all feel this way sometimes. It can happen due to a break up, a stressful time, a lost friend, an argument or just starting afresh with a new outlook.

Over the past few months I have been thinking of ways to re-vamp myself. I no longer feel so restricted to what I can wear – I want to look forward to trying new trends. I want to be able to wear different kinds of shoes whether that be a small heel or ballet flats. I am also looking forward to being able to use an umbrella in the rain and not having to constantly wear something with a hood.

I have already made a few different lifestyle choices; the most important one being that I am now an ex-smoker and I stopped smoking 18 months ago. This has not only helped my bank balance and my general health but my skin, nails and hair are much healthier too. I have also always enjoyed an Irn Bru; a Scottish carbonated soft drink. People have said it cures a hangover and I would have to agree. In fact, I found it very difficult to cut out – however I have also not drank any for 11 months.

This leads to one of my biggest struggles since I was a child; nail biting. I have attempted to stop so many times in the past but i’d always revert back to my old ways. I’ve always been jealous of other girls who can paint their nails and treat themselves to a manicure. I wasn’t always interested in girly things but over the years it is something I wished I could take part in and now I can! I finally stopped biting and my nails have grown and it’s great to finally have found the willpower to stop this habit too.

I will turn 26 in 2 days time and I have asked my boyfriend for my first 2 proper nail varnishes:

barry m nude

Barry M ‘Nude’

rose quartz glitter

Barry M ‘Rose Quartz Glitter’

I have always liked the glitter effect and wanted to try a subtle, yet out of my comfort zone look. I am having to learn everything ‘nails’ and might finally treat myself to a manicure. The only big problem I have; is I cannot stand the noise of a nail file. It just reminds me of nails on a blackboard and gives me the heebie jeebies!

I have many more ideas up my sleeve regarding change and look forward to sharing those experiences with you. I recently had a hairdressers appointment and left with a whole new look. I have written a blog post about my experience and hope you will enjoy reading that too.

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