Set backs

Apologies in advance. The last few days I haven’t been feeling quite myself, side effects to my medication were making me feel unwell. I felt like I had done a full body work out (every muscle was tender) yet I’d only done my normal daily tasks/exercises. What was that all about?

I thought I’d share a little more about myself: I’m the kind of person who likes to ask questions if feeling stressed and therefore I joined a couple of support groups. This enables me to speak to others who have either a chronic pain condition or have had a hip replacement, or surgery of any kind. It helps, as we are able to provide support to one another. At times, the groups can be very helpful and at times they can make you question your own progress. For example, I am 4 weeks post op this Tuesday coming. Some people are still like me at 4 weeks and others are walking better or their incisions have healed fully. And other people have sadly dislocated after thinking they were better than they actually were.

I have to be honest dislocation scares me. I’m sure it would anyone. Someone mentioned that they had changed their bedding and as they were putting on a new sheet, felt they were fit enough to bend over to put sheet on mattress instead of walking around to other side of bed. And within seconds had dislocated and set herself back approximately 4 weeks, where she had to start recovery all over. I have concerns as I have never been very patient and I don’t want another set back I think the clot was enough. I know that I am making small progress but I have some family who can’t appreciate the small things and would prefer to see me walking better or without the crutches. I suppose we all have our own expectations.

I tried to consider my reasons for starting a blog; I feel at times the Support Groups can either be a negative or a positive experience and you have to join with an open mind. It’s just like any group or review online, you have the people who give an honest opinion and you have people who give reviews that are more positive than realistic. Which is understandable as either way you don’t want to put off the next person from having life changing surgery.

I have to say although I have had a few set backs recently, I have also been able to spend some time thinking more clearly and noticing any progress I have made. For example; I managed to stand long enough to chop up an apple, (rest) and then made a sandwich too. My boyfriend was babysitting at a family members home and therefore I knew that I would have to do it myself. I have to admit it is easy to become lazy/reliant on someone if they are always at home and it was a nice challenge to prove that I could do it myself. I have also come to realize that ‘Tupperware’  is my new best friend; certainly helps to carry food from one room to another, of course with the help of a plastic bag.

I also started to notice that my daily exercises are becoming easier and my walking has improved (still walk funny) but in less discomfort. I am still careful not to break restrictions but I am happy to tidy up after myself. I rearranged some clothing, bedroom units and tried to put away clean washing – unable to open all drawers – but my boyfriend appreciated the fact I was trying to help. He still made me rest soon afterwards, so not to over do it. I think I am ready to run, before I can walk but I just can’t wait to get out the house and get on with my life. Last year I spent 10 months of f sick from work and this time around I am not willing to lose myself again. I will keep myself motivated; reading books, writing blog posts, writing my daily journal etc.

I haven’t decided as to what I want to do with this blog. I watch many a youtuber and have read some of their blogs. I have started following blogs from on here too. I do have an interest in writing stories, poetry, skincare, makeup etc – I just don’t know whether I want to include those topics here. I know that some people use their blogs for business/organisation or personal purposes; either to raise awareness, share an opinion/review or to make an income. I am happy just to have a platform to write.

I recently received a few emails in relation to this blog and they sure have been my little pick me ups during the last few days. I have smiled on many an occasion and I just wanted to say – Thank You. The emails were to notify me that someone had taken their time to like (and read) my blog post and even more people have chosen to follow it too. I didn’t want to allow this opportunity to pass and not tell you how much I appreciate you taking your time to do so.

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